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Our Stories

Blue Osa's Pineapple Jam

At Blue Osa we have a pineapple patch and that produces a bounty of pineapples twice a year. This is a great way to preserve this sweetness of this fruit. We enjoy sharing this delicious jam with our guest with… Read More

Marie's French Onion Soup Recipe

Warming, satisfying, and all around delicious, this is a comfort dish at its peak.  Marie’s traditional French Onion Soup is sure to be a crowd pleaser on any occasion. From the Kitchen of Blue Osa Gluten free and Vegetarian/ Vegan… Read More

How To Find The True Meaning Of Yoga

Finding the true meaning of yoga may take you a lifetime but the true joy comes from enjoying each step along the way. It took me quite some time to find an isolated spot in the world where I could… Read More

Marie's Star Fruit Crisp Dessert

Healthy and decadent, this dessert is a Blue Osa original. The exotict star fruit is topped by  a sweet, yet savory, crumble and a tangy cream.  We are blessed at Blue Osa to have 3 large star fruit or carambola… Read More

Costa Rican Farm To Table Mango Salsa

We are so blessed to have mangos that grow in abundance on in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula.  This mango salsa is crisp, juicy, and has just the right amount of Picante. Each sumptuous bite will make you feel… Read More

The Gateway Posture: Parighasana

The Gateway posture- Blue Osa Costa Rica

The Gateway Pose is an invigorating side bend, that allows us to stretch the side body, expand the intercostal muscles, and deepen the breath. As a society, we are very aware and developed in our front body. We greet and… Read More