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Yoga Teacher Training

Dive deep into the art of yoga teaching with any one of Blue Osa’s YTT programs.

Your YTT with us will deepen your yoga practice and enhance your teaching skills. This YTT immersion is also a life-changing experience enhanced by the wildlife and biodiversity that Costa Rica offers. We are located where the jungle meets the sea.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and a skill-set to overcome challenges while attracting a life in line with your true calling. We are a safe space that brings the powerful practice of yoga to all regardless of age, body type, race, gender, nationality, or any other categorization.

You will be guided on a personal journey of transformation and liberation, and be fully supported by a remarkable team of experienced and seasoned Yogi Masters.

Our Yoga Teacher Training will give you:

  • Clarity and vision for your life ahead.
  • A deeper level of self-awareness.
  • A yoga practice to last you a lifetime.
  • The tools to make your life meaningful and on purpose.
  • A unique experience shared among kindred souls.
  • The skills and confidence to teach yoga anywhere and to anyone.
  • Be ready to teach on day one!

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Select from our Yoga Teacher Training offerings below and find the dates that work for you.

Online 200-Hour – Next one begins Sept 5 + Oct 10!

14-Day, 200 Hour – Next one begins Sept 26!

28-Day, 200 Hour – Next one begins Oct 24!

Advanced 300 Hour – Next one begins Oct 24!

New India 200-Hour YTT!

We’ve just added a new 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training to take place in the home of Yoga – Rishikesh, India September 2-16, 2021!

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Online Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour

The Online Yoga Teacher Training is for you if:

  • You want to have some flexibility to go at your own pace.
  • Become a yoga teacher and have certification to teach anywhere in the world.
  • Have an empowering yoga immersive experience.
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Price - $1499 $500 Deposit to Reserve Your Spot Payment Plans Available

14-Day, 200-Hour

This two week yoga teacher training is for you if:

  • You don’t have much time
  • You’re craving a healthy immersive yogic environment
  • You want to become a confident certified yoga teacher
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Triple Occupancy - $2,890 Double Occupancy - $3,390 Single Occupancy - $4,890 $75 Application Fee to Reserve

28-Day, 200-Hour

  • You’re ready to take a deep dive into the philosophy and application of yoga
  • You want hands-on experience safely instructing yoga classes
  • You’re seeking a big shift in your life
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Triple Occupancy - $3,990 Double Occupancy - $4,490 Single Occupancy - $5,990 $75 Application Fee to Reserve

Advanced 300-Hour

  • You want to learn the powerful advanced subtle practices of yoga
  • You want to improve your leadership skills
  • You’d like to deepen your personal practice and teaching skills
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Triple Occupancy - $3,990 Double Occupancy - $4,490 Single Occupancy - $5,990 $75 Application Fee to Reserve

India 200-Hour

Study in the place where it all started.

Go to the beginning —

–The beginning of Yoga.

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What's Included


Foundational morning asana and mediation practice

Purification Rituals

Experienced yoga teachers from around the world

Included in your Costa Rica yoga teacher training at Blue Osa


Yoga Alliance Certification

Yoga Teacher Training Manual

Hands-on teaching experience

A Costa Rica beachfront resort || Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa || Chlorine Free Pool


Intentionally designed beachfront eco-friendly rooms with ocean views and the use of the chemical-free pool.


Delicious farm-to-table meals and snacks using homegrown, organic ingredients.

What To Expect In A Yoga Teacher Training at Blue Osa

Yoga Teacher Training Review

Want to Know More?

What style(s) of yoga will we be covering?

While hatha yoga is at the core of what we do, we differentiate ourselves by offering a holistic approach to yoga that emphasizes function over form. We believe yoga should be tailored to the individual, and that a good yoga teacher knows how to facilitate a unique practice to meet unique needs.

The Blue Osa YTT methodology has been influenced by multiple traditions, including Vinyasa, Iyengar and Anusara yogas.

Yogi Aaron has spent a considerable amount of time in India and has been taught directly from the Himalayan Tradition. Aaron also has a strong background in yoga therapy and brings in therapeutic elements when appropriate.

Does this program meet Yoga Alliance's international certification standards?

You will have met the qualifications for becoming a 200-hr RYT and 300-hr RYT respectively upon program completion of Blue Osa’s One-Month Immersion Yoga Teacher Training or 14-day Yoga Teacher Training programs. You may choose to submit yourself for recognition if you wish.

As a national credentialing organization for the yoga community, Yoga Alliance® provides a set of educational Standards for yoga schools that specify hours or study in certain educational categories.

Yoga Alliance® is recognized around the world as the authority in setting these yoga standards and your certificate will enable you to be able to teach anywhere it is required.

Yoga Alliance certification

What is the difference between the 200, 300 and 500 hour programs?

Blue Osa is a recognized yoga school by Yoga Alliance.

The 200-hour yoga teacher training by Blue Osa is a foundational training that is recognized baby Yoga Alliance. Once you have completed your 200-hour yoga teacher training, you will be a certified yoga teacher and can teach anywhere in the world. The goal of the 200-hour yoga teacher training is to give essentially give you the skills and knowledge to teach a yoga class safely.

Yoga Alliance certification

The 300-hour yoga teacher training by Blue Osa is an advanced yoga teacher training for those who have previously completed a 200-hour certification with Blue Osa or another school. The 300-hour gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into yoga, giving you knowledge of the more sublime practice of yoga, and the skills to develop you as a leader.

Any yoga instructor who wants to become a yoga trainer to new yoga teachers must have completed the 300-hour, and thereby be certified as a 500-RYT.

The 500-hour yoga teacher training means that you have completed your 200-hour + 300-Hour certification course, OR have completed a 500-hour certification course. Because very few yoga schools offer a straight-up 500-hour program and people don’t have the time to do both back to back, most people do the 200-hour and then 300-hour at separate times.

For more information on the differences, please read this article.


I have already completed my 200 hour / 300 hour / 500 hour. Why should I consider one of your immersions?

Very few people ever take the opportunity to fully immerse in a yoga practice. Through experience, Yogi Aaron has seen that a concentrated, intensive experience like this offers profound rewards. You accelerate the pace of your learnings and gain both spiritual insight and spiritual momentum.

An immersion like this, be it 14 days or 28 days, takes you on a more profound journey within yourself.

Aaron is a skilled practitioner and teacher who has mastered the art of guiding students on the journey inward and each of these immersion trainings offers a fresh and often new glimpse into the deeper dimensions of yoga.

If you had a YTT experience in the past, it is doubtful you have ever had a yoga experience this profound. Why do we know this? Because any one who has has taken a YTT before and then taken ours has told us.

These teacher training immersions takes you on a journey of deep yogic practice to cultivate a direct experience of these teachings. We see too many teachers teaching methods in the world who do not have this experience and giving practices the have no direct knowledge of.

The Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training will not only deepen your meaning and experience of yoga, but will give you the opportunity to practice for one month practices you have only ever heard about but never had the time or freedom to do.

I have already taken the Blue Osa Teacher Training. Should I / Can I take it again?

Absolutely! If you feel called to do this immersion again, do come back. You will be thrilled with how much more you are able to learn and receive when you return to audit an immersion. Even better: we offer a discount to those who wish to repeat a program. Please contact Aaron for more information.

When are the book reports and assignments due?

To award you the Yoga Teacher Certification, you must complete the book reports.

The book reports are due 3 months after the end of the Yoga Teacher Training Immersion. For example, if the completion of the Immersion is November 16, then the book reports will be due the following February 16.

Besides the 3 months following the yoga teacher training, we give you plenty of time during the immersion.

You may also complete the book reports before the beginning of the Immersion.

Once registered, you may begin working on your assignments. We give you instructions for the book reports ONCE you have registered.

Is alcohol served during YTT immersions?

We do service and provide (organic) wines and farm to table cocktails at Blue Osa. During the immersions, we do typically shut the bar down for the first 11 days and expect participants to be alcohol free. We have found that this creates the best experience for all participants.

I do not want to teach yoga. Why should I consider the Yoga Teacher Training?

Each of our yoga students each come with unique goals. Some want to get their yoga certificate to teach yoga. Others want to answer deep and meaningful questions about their life. And still, others want to live a more meaningful life through yoga.

Yogi Aaron’s approach to teaching yoga teachers is based on the principle that wisdom and knowledge are acquired through direct experience.

This Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Aaron will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in yoga for 2 – 4 weeks, allowing you to use yoga to ask and answer profound questions and discover what yoga can mean in your life.

We warmly welcome students of any and all backgrounds of race, orientation, spiritual tradition or practice. Yoga welcomes all people. The ONLY commitment required is that you are willing to show up and fully participate.

What kind of food is served?

Since we are committed to a smaller carbon footprint, healthy meals made with ingredients from our own farm at Blue Osa are mainly vegetarian. We rely on our garden and those other local and regional farms to provide us with what is seasonally available. Our cooks make a variety of VEGAN recipes using this food form the Blue Osa harvest or received from our fellow farmers.

We do provide eggs for breakfast and meat options 2 times a week at dinner.

If you think that you will be hungry at other times during the day, please bring extra snacks.

We DO NOT provide individually cooked meals, and we DO NOT provide kosher meals. You should also remember that while we can serve some gluten-free options, we are not a gluten-free kitchen.

How do I get to Blue Osa? When do the immersions begin and finish?

Getting here is easy and straightforward. Simple go to

The Yoga Teacher Training Immersions officially begin the first day, Saturday, at 3:00 PM.

They officially end on the final evening, Friday, allowing you to leave at any time the next day on Saturday morning.

We recommend that you plan to arrive in Costa Rica 1 or 2 days early, and plan to arrive in Puerto Jimenez on Friday so that you arrive at Blue Osa on time. Anytime missed will require you to make up hours to receive certification.

How many times a year do you offer this? How many people attend?

These exclusive programs are only offered a limited number of times each year and are limited to 25 people. This means, if you know you want in, don’t wait! Sign-up now.

Why is this immersion so affordable?

We strive to make these immersions available to as many students and seekers as possible because it’s our experience that immersions are so life-changing and powerful.

For the reason that we offer these immersions in-house at our eco-resort in Costa Rica, we are able to offer it at a rate that is more affordable than most yoga retreats.

I am on a really strict budget. What other costs are associated with these programs? What is NOT included?

These programs are designed to be as all-inclusive as possible. It includes ALL meals, lodgings, your teacher training, AND your certificate from Blue Osa. Some additional expenses may be shuttle fees, tours, spa services, beverages from the bar, and your flights.

I am not sure which training is right for me. What should I do?

You’d love to join an immersion at Blue Osa, but not sure which one is right for you? Please email us right away and let us know:

  1. What about our immersion got your attention?
  2. What do you hope to receive from this immersive experience?
  3. What are your goals once you leave the immersion?

Once we understand a little more about you, Yogi Aaron can help guide you into the perfect training for you.

Will this program cover the "business" aspects of becoming a yoga teacher?

Yes, we will spend some time discussing the logistics of developing your own business as a yoga teacher.

Subjects to be discussed include how to find your first customers, how much to charge, where to teach, and best practices for growing your business.

As a former NYC yoga studio owner and as current co-owner of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa, Aaron has a wealth of knowledge available in this area, and will kindly field questions.

I have an injury and/or need to adjust my practice. Will I hold the class back?

NO, you will NOT hold the class back. We will ALWAYS encourage you to only do what you are comfortable doing and to practice within the limitations of your own body.

Yoga is a personal practice. The first “value” we practice in yoga is non-harming.

Yogi Aaron’s background is in yoga therapy and the creator of Applied Anatomy. Therefore he teaches all of his classes to be therapeutic and healing. He is also very skillful at helping those with less mobile bodies to adjust their practice.

I don't have a strong yoga practice. Can I still participate in this program?

Absolutely! Even if you are relatively new to yoga, our yoga teacher training immersions are an excellent way to learn the art of yoga and cultivate a strong foundation for your life-long practice.

One of the strengths of our approach to yoga is how adaptable it is to the student. No matter where you are, there is a practice for you.

And frankly, some of the best teachers are the ones who can’t contort their bodies into pretzel shapes. Their limitations end up being an asset to their students.

I don't want to teach yoga. Why should I consider this Yoga Teacher Training Immersion?

Each of our yoga students each come with unique goals. Some want to get their yoga certificate to teach yoga. Others want to answer deep and meaningful questions about their life. And still, others want to live a more meaningful life through yoga.

Yoga teachers acquire real knowledge through direct experience. For this reason, this YTT will take you on the path of acquiring direct experience.

An Immersion allows you the time to steep into a yoga practice. You will receive answers to profound life questions and discover what yoga can mean in your life.

We welcome students of any and all backgrounds of race, orientation, spiritual tradition, or practice. Yoga welcomes all people. The ONLY commitment required is that you are willing to show up and fully participate.

Blue Osa statement on discrimination, sexual harrassment, and abuse.

Blue Osa is committed to providing a safe environment for all its employees, yoga teachers and yoga students, free from discrimination on any ground and free from harassment, sexual misconduct, and abuse. Blue Osa will operate a zero-tolerance policy for any form of sexual harassment. We treat all incidents seriously and promptly.

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