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Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

Dive deep into the art of yoga teaching with any one of Blue Osa’s Yoga Teacher Training programs for a profound and spiritually awakening experience. 

Your Yoga Teacher Training with us will deepen your yoga practice and enhance your teaching skills. This Yoga Teacher Training immersion is also a life-changing experience enhanced by the wildlife and biodiversity that Costa Rica offers. We are located where the jungle meets the sea.

Blue Osa has been called one of the best Yoga Teacher Training programs, not just in Costa Rica, but in the world–and our enthusiastic graduates will agree. Going into the training program in Costa Rica is different from any other kind of yoga training because you are better able to shut out the world and focus on you and your center, to learn how to draw out the energy that is within you, and how to inspire this kind of awakening in others.

In short, Blue Osa’s yoga training program is in the ideal location, with the ideal instructors, with the best techniques. We promise you that when you go through our program you will not leave as the same person who came into it. So much will have changed. Your eyes will be opened. Your skills will be sharpened. You will not just learn how to find peace and balance for yourself, but you will be an improved yoga instructor who can bring out the best in your students.

In this sense, Blue Osa’s yoga teacher certification retreat is almost a must-have arrow in any yoga instructor’s quiver. Having gone through Blue Osa you will be different, be better, be happier, and be far more effective as a yoga instructor than you ever have before.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and a skill-set to overcome challenges while attracting a life in line with your true calling. We are a safe space that brings the powerful practice of yoga to all regardless of age, body type, race, gender, nationality, or any other categorization.

You will be guided on a personal journey of transformation and liberation, and be fully supported by a remarkable team of experienced and seasoned Yogi Masters.

Our Yoga Alliance® approved Yoga Teacher Training will give you:

  • Clarity and vision for your life ahead.
  • A deeper level of self-awareness.
  • A yoga practice to last you a lifetime.
  • The tools to make your life meaningful and on purpose.
  • A unique experience shared among kindred souls.
  • The skills and confidence to teach yoga anywhere and to anyone.
  • Be ready to teach on day one!

Blue Osa is not an experience that you will visit once, remember fondly, and then return to your old way of practicing yoga. Blue Osa’s yoga training program will change you into the kind of yoga instructor that you always wished you had, someone who can guide, care and shepherd your students.

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Select from our Yoga Teacher Training offerings below and find the dates that work for you.

14-Day, 200 Hour Several 14-Days are offered throughout the year. Learn more. The next one begins June 11, 2022.

28-Day, 200 Hour Only offered once a year, next one begins October 22, 2022

Advanced 300 Hour Offered once every 2 years. Next one begins July 2, 2022

Join Our Next Yoga Teacher Training!

Join the next Yoga Teacher Training that starts June 11, 2022!

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14-Day, 200-Hour

This two week yoga teacher training is for you if:

  • You don’t have much time
  • You’re craving a healthy immersive yogic environment
  • You want to become a confident certified yoga teacher
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Triple Occupancy - $3,190 Double Occupancy - $3,490 Single Occupancy - $5,190 $300 Application Fee to Reserve

28-Day, 200-Hour

  • You’re ready to take a deep dive into the philosophy and application of yoga
  • You want hands-on experience safely instructing yoga classes
  • You’re seeking a big shift in your life
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Triple Occupancy - $4,190 Double Occupancy - $4,590 Single Occupancy - $6,190 $300 Application Fee to Reserve

Advanced 300-Hour

In the 300-hour advanaced yoga teacher training:

  • You want to learn the powerful advanced subtle practices of yoga
  • You want to improve your leadership skills
  • You’d like to deepen your personal practice and teaching skills
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Triple Occupancy - $4,490 Double Occupancy - $4,890 Single Occupancy - $6,490 $300 Application Fee to Reserve

What's Included

Person Participating in Yoga | Blue Osa


Foundational morning asana and mediation practice

Purification Rituals

Experienced yoga teachers from around the world

Yoga Teacher Doing Yoga Teacher Training | Blue Osa


Yoga Alliance Certification

Yoga Teacher Training Manual

Hands-on teaching experience

Girls Enjoying Blue Osa Retreat | Blue Osa


Intentionally designed beachfront eco-friendly rooms with ocean views and the use of the 25-meter pool.

Blue Osa Dessert | Blue Osa


Delicious farm-to-table meals and snacks using homegrown, organic ingredients.

What To Expect In A Yoga Teacher Training at Blue Osa

Yoga Teacher Training Review

Want to Know More?

Why study with Yogi Aaron? Who is my teacher?

Blue Osa is home to one of the most transformative, life-changing yoga teacher training in Costa Rica!

Each training has been carefully crafted by the world-renowned teacher, Yogi Aaron. During your experience, you will be guided on a journey of self-exploration, manifestation, and the cultivation of a purposeful life. Not only will you leave this training with a solid foundation for success as a yoga teacher, but you will also come to have a deeper relationship with yourself.

Who is Yogi Aaron?

Yogi Aaron is the owner, operator, and lead yoga facilitator at Blue Osa. During his 30 years of study, Yogi Aaron has developed an intrinsic understanding of yogic philosophy, anatomy, and the subtle body. He has studied under yogic masters such as Alan Finger, Bryan Kest, Genny Kapuler, Rod Stryker, Swami Rama, and David Swenson, among others.

Throughout his journey, Aaron has made several pilgrimages to the Himalayas, where he sought a deeper understanding of the Vedic tradition and Tantric pathways. These experiences blessed him with the opportunity to mentor under several spiritual masters and inspired him to create a yogic community in the lush Costa Rican jungle. And so, Blue Osa was born!

Creator of Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ Yogi Aaron brings three decades worth of study, mentorship, and experience into his teachings, with a strong emphasis on yoga therapy and alignment.

“My passion is teaching yoga while guiding people to live a pain-free life to they may manifest and live their purpose. My desire is for each person to tap into their limitless potential and develop the confidence to embody yoga, both on and off the mat, so we’re able to reveal our best selves and shine brightly.”

I’m meditating every day and now my husband is too! Thank you Aaron. You’re changing the world and it needs you now. 
~ sandy F

I would recommend Yogi Aaron’s teacher trainings to anyone. Even if you don’t intend to teach, what you will learn from the trainings will open your eyes to new possibilities and understanding and to loving yourself more.
~ Mic

Aaron incorporated all aspects of yoga into this training, so if you’re looking for more out of your yoga journey, this is the place for you.
~ Katie M

Yogi Aaron at last is an incredible host and teacher. He leads with love and makes all people feel welcome in his sacred home. He is insightful and well-prepared to deliver an experience that is truly life-changing.
~ Chris R

Hello there my friend! I was thinking of you these past few weeks, during which I’ve been living in the Nepalese mountains.
I’m grateful for having been drawn to some wildly powerful places that helped me to internalize many lessons, and bring clarity to some of the challenges I was working through during my time spent at Blue Osa. I wanted to let you know I’ve felt a particular appreciation for your capacity as a space-holder and witness, and find it admirable how you remained seemingly un-phased by what could easily be triggering actions on the part of others (e.g. myself).

~ Varun

I appreciate and have so much love for you, the space you’ve created, and the knowledge you have shared. Life is all about relationships and the encounters you have with people, and the encounter and time spent with you, my classmates, staff, and locals have contributed to who I am today and will carry with me for the rest of my life. May our paths will cross again one day.
~ Cassie O

This experience surprised me in so many positive ways.

The two weeks for me were unbelievably introspective. It was like a two-week therapy session with myself. Only I had the guidance of Yogi Aaron and the support of a loving community.

The self-paced content has been awesome. Being able to rewind and pause the videos allows me to better understand the content and gives me time to reflect. I like seeing the length of time required to watch the videos in each section so that I can set goals and realistically plan my day. The worksheets and quizzes are just the right lengths, in my opinion, they are engaging without feeling like ‘homework.’ Being able to retake the quizzes is nice because I can go back to previous lessons and reinforce my understanding if I missed something. And I like listening to your anecdotes and examples for each topic (huge Sex and the City fan over here!!).

Even if someone doesn’t want a certification, having this time for introspection, to learn about your body, creating a fantastic community of people, and developing an excellent relationship with Yogi Aaron, would be an uplifting experience for anyone.
~ Kali

What style(s) of yoga will we be covering?

The Blue Osa YTT methodology has been influenced by the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga, which combines the wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and teachings passed down from a long history of yoga masters. We include a number of lineages such as Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Kundalini.

Our holistic approach to teaching embodies the belief, “Function Over Form.”

Yoga is for everybody and we have created a teacher training that focuses on the individual. We provide you with the tools to confidently teach both private and group classes.

With the inclusion of Applied Yoga Anatomy and Muscle Activation™, you will have a signature experience that focuses on both muscle activation techniques and yoga therapy to benefit both you and your future students.

Does this program meet Yoga Alliance's international certification standards?

As a national accrediting organization for the yoga community, Yoga Alliance® provides a set of educational standards for yoga schools that specify hours or study in educational categories.

Blue Osa’s 200-hr RYT and 300-hr RYT with Yogi Aaron are accredited through Yoga Alliance®. Regardless of whether you join us for our 14 or 28-day YTT, you can register through this governing body upon receipt of your Blue Osa certification.

Yoga Alliance certification

What is the difference between the 200, 300 and 500 hour programs?

Blue Osa is a recognized yoga school by Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Alliance certification

Blue Osa provides a 200-hr foundational yoga teacher training that will equip you with the necessary learning to be a successful yoga teacher. This course will ensure you are confident in your alignment, cues, subtle anatomy and terminology. It’s a fantastic intro to teaching and will guarantee you success as you begin your teaching journey.

Blue Osa offers an advanced 300-hour teacher training that is available to students who have previously completed a 200-hr YTT (either through Blue Osa or another accredited school.) This course offers students the opportunity to deepen their foundational knowledge, enhance their teaching abilities and further develop their leadership skills as both a teacher and practitioner.

A 500-hr YTT would include both a 200 and 300-hr YTT or a 500-hr YTT respectively. Though many schools do not offer the latter and students cannot commit to the total time required, most teachers complete their 200 and 300 hours separately.

For more information on the differences, please read this article.


I have already completed my 200 hour / 300 hour / 500 hour. Why should I consider one of your immersions?

With wisdom and experience comes mastery!

With over 30 years of teaching experience, spiritual mentorship, yogic interns, and personal practice, Yogi Aaron comes fully prepared to offer you a teacher training like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Through Applied Yoga Anatomy and Muscle Activation™, ancient yogic wisdom, practical experience and years of trial and error, Blue Osa will offer you the opportunity to take your current practice and DIVE DEEP.

Whether you’re interested in joining our 14 or 28-day immersion, Blue Osa creates the pathway for profound spiritual insight and momentum.

The Blue Osa teacher training packs three decades worth of knowledge into a relatable, practical and complete training.

No matter the learning you’ve had in the past, this immersion is for EVERYONE who is ready to take their teaching to the next level.

Don’t take our word for it! Check out the countless reviews from our grads. Let their words speak on our behalf!

I have already taken the Blue Osa Teacher Training. Should I / Can I take it again?

Absolutely! Be prepared to pick up new skills, nuances, and information the second time around! We welcome former grads to join us on the mat at a discounted rate. Contact Aaron for more details.

When are the book reports and assignments due?

In order to be presented with your 200 or 300-hr YTT certificate, you must complete the required reading and reports. These reports will be due three months following the completion of your immersion.

For example, if you completed your immersion on November 16th, your book reports would be due the following February 16th.

Don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of time to work on your reports throughout the immersion or you have the option of completing the required texts prior to beginning the course. It’s totally up to you!

Once you’ve successfully registered, we’ll send you out the required reading material and you can decide for yourself when you’d like to get working.

I do not want to teach yoga. Why should I consider the Yoga Teacher Training?

Whether your goal is to teach yoga, deepen your personal practice, seek answers to some of life’s biggest questions or simply find ways to live a more meaningful life, this Yoga Teacher Training is for YOU!

Yogi Aaron approaches every immersion with an open heart and a desire to provide students with a safe space to explore their own personal depth.

This training is an opportunity for you to uncover truths about who you are and how yoga can help you live a more authentic life.

Surrender your worries to the soft sounds of the ocean waves. Nourish your body with farm-to-table cuisine. Get curious about yourself and your place in the world, and allow yourself to experience the peace and tranquility of Blue Osa.

We warmly welcome students of all backgrounds, races, religions, orientations, or spiritual traditions. The only requirement is that you show up authentically and ready to fully participate in this transformational training.

Learn. Teach. Expand. Allow. This journey is for everybody. The ONLY commitment required from you is that you are willing to show up and fully participate.

What kind of food is served?

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local farmers. With this in mind, Blue Osa offers a variety of fresh, farm-to-table vegan/vegetarian meals.

Our typical healthy and delicious Blue Osa cuisine sample menu can be found here.

In catering to the needs of a variety of guests, we do offer eggs for breakfast as well as animal protein three times per week, as well as some recipes with

Blue Osa has a skilled, local culinary team that uses seasonal ingredients to offer a wide assortment of dishes, including traditional and international fare.

Please note that while we do our best to accommodate the individual needs of our guests (including gluten-free options), we cannot customize individual meal requests or Kosher options. Additionally, we are not gluten, dairy, or nut-free kitchen.

Finally, while our portion sizes are large, if you’re concerned about being hungry, we would encourage you to purchase extra snacks for your stay.

Additional Details About Meals:
• We offer mostly vegan/vegetarian meals, but we do serve chicken 3 times/week and eggs at most breakfasts.
• We ask you to clear your own plates and dispose of any leftover food into the labeled compost bin.
• If you are going on an excursion and/or receiving a spa treatment and will not be on time for one of your meals, let our front desk manager know and our kitchen staff will hold your plate for you.
• Coffee, tea, purified water, and snacks (apples, bananas, and house-made breads) are available for free all day long.
• Our Buddha Bar offers smoothies, fresh juices, kombucha, soda, beer, wine, and cocktails for a fee (charged directly to your room).

How do I get to Blue Osa? When do the immersions begin and finish?

Getting here is simple and straightforward! Head on over to for all the details.

Immersions begin on Saturday at 3:00 p.m. and commence on the final Friday evening. This will allow for the option of a Saturday morning departure.

We recommend arriving in Costa Rica one or two days prior to starting the immersion and would suggest arriving in Puerto Jimenez on Friday evening so as to settle into the space and enjoy your first sunrise on the beach.

Please note that should you miss hours for any reason, you will be required to make up the time prior to receiving your certification.

How many times a year do you offer this? How many people attend?

Space is limited!

We believe in keeping our class size small. This means more individual, hands-on learning and teaching for you!

The maximum number of students we accept for our immersions is 25. We also limit the amount of training held per year so if you’re ready to join us on the beach in Costa Rica, sign up NOW!

Why is this immersion so affordable?

Blue Osa was created with the intention of bringing yoga to as many people as possible and Yogi Aaron believes in welcoming anyone who is ready to experience total transformation to come join him in his little slice of paradise.

The power of a yoga-immersion cannot be overstated.

When it’s combined with a supportive community, ocean waves, tropical birds, healthy food and room to breathe, there can be no greater impact to a person’s life. And when we are all living our best life, fully aligned with our path, we stand to make a greater difference in the world.

It has been this philosophy that has inspired Aaron to offer such affordable pricing and it continues to drive him in sharing his wisdom with his students.

I am on a really strict budget. What other costs are associated with these programs? What is NOT included?

We have catered our programs to be all-inclusive. This means that all lodging, farm-to-table meals, teacher-training and course material will be included as well as your certificate, upon completion.

Additional expenses NOT included are flights, travel insurance, airport shuttle, tours, spa services and beverages from the bar.

I am not sure which training is right for me. What should I do?

You’d love to join an immersion at Blue Osa, but not sure which one is right for you? Please email us right away and let us know:

• What about our immersion got your attention?
• What do you hope to receive from this immersive experience?
• What are your goals once you leave the immersion?

Once we understand a little more about you, Yogi Aaron can help guide you into the perfect training for you.

Will this program cover the "business" aspects of becoming a yoga teacher?

As a former NYC yoga studio owner and as current co-owner of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa, Aaron has a wealth of knowledge available in this area, and will kindly field questions.

We will also give you access to our Business and Marketing Course For Yoga Teachers. This course will spend some time discussing the logistics of developing your own business as a yoga teacher.

Subjects to be discussed include how to find your first customers, how much to charge, where to teach, and best practices for growing your business.

I have an injury and/or need to adjust my practice. Will I hold the class back?

NO, you will NOT hold the class back. We will ALWAYS encourage you to only do what you are comfortable doing and to practice within the limitations of your own body.

Yoga is a personal practice. The first “value” we practice in yoga is non-harming.

Yogi Aaron’s background is in yoga therapy and the creator of Applied Anatomy. Therefore he teaches all of his classes to be therapeutic and healing. He is also very skillful at helping those with less mobile bodies to adjust their practice.

I don't have a strong yoga practice. Can I still participate in this program?

Absolutely! Even if you are relatively new to yoga, our yoga teacher training immersions are an excellent way to learn the art of yoga and cultivate a strong foundation for your life-long practice.

One of the strengths of our approach to yoga is how adaptable it is to the student. No matter where you are, there is a practice for you.

And frankly, some of the best teachers are the ones who can’t contort their bodies into pretzel shapes. Their limitations end up being an asset to their students.

I don't want to teach yoga. Why should I consider this Yoga Teacher Training Immersion?

Whether your goal is to teach yoga, deepen your personal practice, seek answers to some of life’s biggest questions, or simply find ways to live a more meaningful life, these Yoga Teacher Trainings are for YOU!

Yogi Aaron approaches every immersion with an open-heart and a desire to provide students with a safe space to explore their own personal depth.

This training is an opportunity for you to uncover truths about who you are and how yoga can help you live a more authentic life.

Surrender your worries to the soft sounds of the ocean waves. Nourish your body with farm-to-table cuisine. Get curious about yourself and your place in the world, and allow yourself to experience the peace and tranquility of Blue Osa.

We warmly welcome students of all backgrounds, races, religions, orientations, or spiritual traditions. The only requirement is that you show up authentically and ready to fully participate in this transformational training.

Learn. Teach. Expand. Allow. This journey is for everybody.

What are the rooms like? Where will I sleep?

We have a saying here in Costa Rica: Pura Vida. It means full life – and at Blue Osa, we aim to give our guests just that. Each of our rooms and bungalows is uniquely designed to deliver on comfort, convenience and relaxation. Whether it’s heightened ocean views, a serene garden setting or a spacious beachfront bungalow, at Blue Osa you’ll find purpose-built, jungle-chic rooms that create the ideal setting for a tranquil, restorative yoga teacher training.

If you are registering for the triple occupancy option, please expect to be sleeping in a king, queen, full or twin bed.

If you are registering for a single room, we will be following up to request an additional $1000 deposit.

Blue Osa statement on discrimination, sexual harrassment, and abuse.

Blue Osa is committed to providing a safe environment for all its employees, yoga teachers and yoga students, free from discrimination on any ground and free from harassment, sexual misconduct, and abuse. Blue Osa will operate a zero-tolerance policy for any form of sexual harassment. We additionally expect participants coming to equally respect our community and staff. We treat all incidents seriously and promptly.