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Heal Your Body With Acupuncture

How Koji Learned to Heal Your Body With Acupuncture

At age seventeen, Koji—a champion downhill skier—journeyed on a seven-day vision quest. On his return to Colorado, he purchased a one-way ticket to India, “freaking out” his mother, coaches, and sponsors. For the next seven years, he travelled throughout Asia and Africa.

At a Shao Lin Monastery, in China’s Yunan Province bordering Tibet, he studied Tai Qi, Qi Gong, and Kung Fu. In Hunan Province, he mastered the basics of Chinese and learned the rudiments of ancient medical practices from a Master acupuncturist, who successfully treated severe bullet wounds during the Tiananmen Square protests.

“Tian Ming is our ‘heavenly mandate.’ I figured out mine was to do something good that helps people.” Koji moved to British Columbia and completed a rigorous five-year curriculum at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences. Prior to earning his doctor’s degree and graduating valedictorian, he returned to China for his clinical practicum.

Koji first visited Costa Rica on a surfing trip. He fell in love with the Osa Peninsula and its people. In 2006, he and his young family relocated to Matapalo not far from a surfing break. His nearby clinic treats locals as well as expats and tourists.

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“When you pay for my service at Blue Osa you are also supporting the clinic where we treat many Ticos for next to nothing.”

Like Chinese philosophy, Koji’s approach to health care is practical: “I am really into what works. We cannot separate mind from body, but I like to begin with what can be seen.” Koji explains, “In Chinese medicine, thoughts and emotions move throughout the body in a particular way. People can have personal and psychological challenges in one’s life that affect their body, but when you manipulate the physical body you can influence mind and spirit.”



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Heal your body with Acupuncture