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The best yoga retreats are holistic in nature, emphasizing physical, mental, and spiritual health in equal measure. They provide a particular level of comfort and safety, too.

At Blue Osa, we host a wide variety of group yoga retreats throughout the year—all in an environment that’s calming, peaceful, and strikingly beautiful Led by trained professionals from around the world with extensive knowledge, our tropical yoga retreats are perfect for beginners, novices, and experienced yogis. With a wide range of themed courses and varying levels of difficulty, there’s something for everyone. Want to challenge yourself physically? Our instructors will help you discover your limits and break through barriers Hoping to find inner peace through relaxation? Meditation and quiet self-reflection are standard practices. Looking to connect with like-minded people? At our exclusive yoga retreats, you’ll meet all sorts of folks with different backgrounds and interests—all seeking the same thing: a transformational experience in a remarkable place. Sandy beaches. Blue skies. Crisp ocean air—it’s all part of the package.

Trust when we say a Blue Osa yoga retreat is a getaway you’ll never forget. Book your next yoga retreat from the variety of offerings on our calendar below!

October, 2021
individual private yoga beach retreat

{your own} Personal Retreat

Oct, 16 – Jan, 8 | $999

We invite you to leave it all behind and just focus on yourself. Create your own journey at our tropical beachfront paradise.

Our guest packages were ...

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The One-Month Immersion 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Oct, 23 – Nov, 20 | $3990

The best yoga teacher training programs all provide their students with a safe space outside of their everyday routine. A YTT intensive immersion gives you the space to go deep, get confident and get certified. Learning is accelerated, confidence is amplified, and new habits are formed. This life transforming program listed below helps you to deepen your practice, connect to your purpose and lead others toward greater health and wellness.

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December, 2021

Embodiment Yoga Retreat with Ahmed Soliman

Dec, 4 – Dec, 11 | $1850

Explore yourself, learn your capacities, discover your capabilities. Let’s escape the winter to a jungle beach paradise, with an experienced registered yoga teacher (ERYT) and wildlife biologist as your guide. This is a chance to dive deep and understand your body, your heart, exploring beyond the physical heart, your soul, and yourself. A chance to understand how, through the practice of yoga, you can master yourself. This week-long immersion is for yogis at every level -- the experienced yogi looking…

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aaron applied yoga anatomy muscle activation retreat

Muscle Activation Yoga Retreat with Yogi Aaron

Dec, 11 – Dec, 18 | $1999

This week with Yogi Aaron is an exploration into your body, its muscles, and to learn how to improve its function through using muscle activation techniques. You will leave this retreat pain-free and stronger than you have ever imagined.

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Renew, Recharge & Regenerate: 8-Day Chakra Tuning Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Dec, 31 – Jan, 7 | $2100

Immersed in Nature’s sanctuary, this oceanside Hatha Yoga retreat will support our bodies, hearts, and minds to renew, recharge and regenerate over the New Year. We will transition into this new beginning together with practices, community, and relationship with Nature. Each day’s practice will be an invitation to transform and fortify ourselves through tuning one chakra per day. Classes will be woven with rich insight through the wisdom of Patanjali Yoga Sutras to compliment the process.

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January, 2022
Shakti Ignite Yoga Retreat with Kiya

Shakti Ignite | Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Jan, 8 – Jan, 13 | $2300

Ready to fall in love with yourself? Take an epic adventure stimulates the same bio (body) chemical chain reaction in the human body as falling in love. Experience a retreat of authentic self-expression. When you get out of your comfort zone and realize you are stronger, faster, and smarter than you think it gives you a huge boost of confidence. The more you learn + experience about yourself, the easier it is to know and trust yourself above all else.

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Costa Rica Fresh Start Yoga + Surf Retreat

Jan, 15 – Jan, 22 | $2099

Immersed in nature and beauty everywhere you turn, you will have an abundance of time and space to rest, play and renew. We offer 2 yoga classes a day, and time for whatever your heart and body desire in between, whether that’s surfing, hiking, beach hilling, art. At the core of what we really offer is a safe and inspiring place to set down the responsibilities of your life and immerse yourself in practice, community, yoga philosophy, and leadership.

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Costa Rica Renewal Retreat: Yoga, Meditation and Feldenkrais

Jan, 22 – Jan, 29 | $2095

Learn new ways of moving and being. As we age, we get stuck in old patterns and habits of movement and thought, yet there is great potential for renewal through these combined practices. Feldenkrais Method gently and systematically reorganizes the nervous system and body for ease of movement. Meditation breaks old patterns of thought and emotion creating new neural pathways and building grey matter. Yoga soothes the nervous system and gives space for integration and healing. A week-long immersion in…

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February, 2022
Costa rica yoga

Iyengar Yoga Retreat with Genny Kapuler

Feb, 5 – Feb, 12 | $1699

Stand tall for your yourself, your power and dreams. Stand tall in your abundance. Stand tall for the earth. STAND TALL in Yoga. Explore a transformational Iyengar Yoga Retreat! 8-days / 7-nights in paradise with Iyengar Yoga Teacher Genny Kapuler. Come to Blue Osa for this Iyengar Yoga Retreat with New York Yoga Teacher, Genny Kapuler. Enjoy a week of bliss, rejuvenation, and in-depth quality yoga instruction. You will advance your understanding of your practice and the possibilities of what…

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mens yoga retreat | costa rica | blue osa

Costa Rica Exposed |
Men's Adventure + Yoga Week

Feb, 12 – Feb, 19 | $1899

These men’s weeks at Blue Osa hosted by are an opportunity to forge relationships and connection in an environment that embraces all people. We are offering these weeks for men who enjoy practicing yoga and spending time with other men. Come and spend a week in paradise with your brothers, boding, deepening your inner spiritual connection, and discovering with Aaron what it truly means to be alive.

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Escape the Winter Yoga Vacation with Mimi and John

Feb, 19 – Feb, 26 | $1900

Find sun and relaxation during the middle of the cold winter at Blue Osa, Costa Rica. Come take yoga classes, enjoy the beach, surfing lessons, take adventure tours such as kayaking, zip-lining and jungle hikes, and have spa treatments!!! Plan your warm winter vacation now to relax and enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer. Each day will begin with a light breakfast followed by a yoga asana practice. You will then have the balance of the day…

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Yoga Retreat with Aly Moore

Feb, 26 – Mar, 5 | $

More information to come.

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March, 2022
Yoga Union Physical Subtle Body

Union of the Physical & Subtle Body!

Mar, 5 – Mar, 12 | $1995

Join Rebecca Nann & JM “Shivani” Belzile on the 3rd annual Costa Rican retreat at Blue Osa Eco Resort. The setting at Blue Osa provides a safe tropical oasis off the beaten path with ample space for self-reflection and exploration that supports your transformation.

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Blue Osa Temple and Pool

Blue Osa Bliss Yoga Retreat - A Costa Rican Adventure

Mar, 26 – Apr, 2 | $2350


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April, 2022

Yoga + Surf Journey with husband and wife team Genell & Saer Huston

Apr, 16 – Apr, 23 | $2500

Embrace the fullness of life through place, people, practice, and play.

Take a week to deepen your practice, surf, swim, p...

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14-Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Apr, 23 – May, 7 | $2990

Are you looking for some space in your life to transform — to kick old habits and reclaim a feeling of personal empowerment? Have you ever considered becoming a yoga teacher? If the answer is YES! We invite you to join our next Blue Osa 14-Day Yoga Teacher Training Intensive in Costa Rica, 200-Hour Certification.

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June, 2022
Costa Rica yoga teacher training at Blue Osa || Community and strength

14-Day Yoga Teacher Training

Jun, 11 – Jun, 25 | $2990

Are you looking for some space in your life to transform — to kick old habits and reclaim a feeling of personal empowerment? Have you ever considered becoming a yoga teacher? If the answer is YES! We invite you to join our next Blue Osa 14-Day Yoga Teacher Training Intensive in Costa Rica, 200-Hour Certification.

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July, 2022
Yoga Teacher Training in Costa RIca | Blue Osa

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training One Month Immersion with Yogi Aaron

Jul, 2 – Jul, 30 | $3990

Do You Feel Called To Something Greater? The 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training will take you there. If you yearn to inspire, to make a difference, to lead, that kind of calling — to leadership — can be terrifying. In our yoga circles, we don’t often specifically teach and train for leadership - - but it’s essential in your journey. IN YOUR 300-HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING IMMERSION, YOU WILL: Learn the energetic and deeper sublime effects of asana The science and application…

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