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Our Team

Aaron, Founder

Yoga teacher and author of Autobiography Of A Naked Yogi, Aaron leads the Yoga Teacher Training programs at Blue Osa. Aaron has been teaching yoga and leading yoga retreats for close to 30 years. Inspired by his own practice, he guides students to secret and far-flung locales, empowers them to realize their own limitless potential, and makes yoga relevant and accessible for the modern world.... more

Adam, Founder

Adam’s blend of an interior design career and a desire to direct his energy towards spiritual and energetic life. Adam met Aaron in his yoga classes in New York and began to go on retreats with him. The pair began talking about creating a yoga retreat. Several years later, while visiting Costa Rica, they stumbled on the perfect location. With the retreat location found, Blue Osa was born.... more

Marie, Founder/Chef

One of the original owners of the property, along with her late husband Jean-François, Marie was so inspired by Aaron and Adam’s vision for a Blue Osa, she remains the ‘mother’ of the Blue Osa family several years later.... more

Alex, General Manager

Born and raised in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, Alex has worked in hospitality on the Osa Peninsula for six years so knows all of the best kept secrets to making your stay extra special! Alex is Blue Osa’s General Manager and helps to make sure our guests have a wonderful stay.... more

Henry, Office Manager

I’ve been working in the customer service area for the past 18 years. I moved to the Osa Peninsula in 2012 and have been working directly with Tourism ever since. Having direct contact with people is my passion. I love helping someone scheduling tours, spa services, or just checking that they feel cared for. It makes me feel good helping other people to have a great time visiting Blue Osa and Costa Rica. ... more

Joshua, Kitchen Manager

Jose, Garden Manager

Native to the Osa Peninsula, Jose has a knack for growing delicious food that he grows in our organic garden. You’ll find him moving through the gardens of Blue Osa tending to the plants and keeping everything looking beautiful, and always smiling! ... more

Sandro, Massage/Spa Therapist

Sandro’s passion for massage therapy stems from his desire to help others come to healing and rehabilitation. Sandro’s degrees come from the Lafayette School and the Atsukai School, both in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he honed his Japanese and Chinese techniques in Rio de Janeiro.... more

Alma, Massage/Spa Therapist

Alma’s passion is to heal people through alternative therapies. She specializes in Reiki, relaxing massages and other techniques to help people achieve a better quality of life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.... more

Nery, Housekeeping Manager

The Cats

Meet the feline inhabitants of the Blue Osa family are our valued companions and we considered them an essential part of this community. Their presence brings a particular feeling of tranquility and hominess. Some of them enjoy walks on the beach with you.... more

The Dogs, Your friends

Our canine resident mascots are a vital part of our harmonious environment. Their fun-loving spirit contributes to the feel, the vitality, the energy and the experience of what is Blue Osa. You will find them eager and willing hosts, happy to greet you when you arrive, Pete, Rama and Fiona enjoy the ocean waves and will keep you company as you stroll our beautiful beach.... more

The Employees of Blue Osa

Incredible Chef Marie

Chef Marie’s culinary ingenuity is the reason Blue Osa has such phenomenal meals. Take a special glimpse into her mind with this interview and find out what makes her cooking off-the-charts!