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costa rican cocktails

Great Farm to Table Cocktails From Costa Rica

Try These Delicious Cocktails From Costa Rica

Blue Osa’s Paradise Surprise Cooler

Cacique Guaro is the national alcohol of Costa Rica and made from cane sugar. The ingredients for this drink are local, the star fruit are plentiful at Blue Osa as are the mint, lemongrass, ginger and chiles. Refreshing and spicy. Perfect for the end of a long day at the beach!

From the Kitchen of Blue Osa:

2 oz. Cacique Guaro
2 oz. Fresh blended star fruit juice (grown at Blue Osa)
1 oz. Dragon Chile and Ginger simple syrup (grown at Blue Osa)
1 oz. Orange and Lemongrass simple syrup (grown at Blue Osa)
2 oz. club soda
2 pcs. fresh mint (grown at Blue Osa)

Shake well in the cocktail shaker over ice. Serve in tall glass with star fruit slice garnish.

For Dragon Chile and Ginger simple syrup, combine one cup sugar and two cups water with one chile, one medium size ginger root sliced, cook for 15 minutes, let sit 5 minutes, take out ginger and chile, cool.

For Orange and Lemongrass simple syrup, combine two cups orange juice, one cup sugar, five 5” pieces of lemongrass, cook 15 minutes, remove lemon grass, cool.