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Yoga Inspiration: Mountain Pose

“Open yourself to a universe of infinite possibilities.”

There are many discussions about the most important pose in yoga, and we would argue that Mountain Pose (Tadasana) is a strong qualifier. In a yoga class, we often begin in mountain pose, and continuously return to it. This pose teaches you to be still, yet strong.

The Sanskrit name for this pose is Samasthiti. “Sama” meaning the same or balanced. Sthiti meaning steadfast or stable. So in essence, this pose invites you to begin, continue, and return to standing in steadfast balance.

When I teach this pose, often times I will have my students close their eyes and feel their “stance” while lifting their hands and engaging them towards the heavens. This is such a powerful gesture, or mudra, that in turn creates a potent effect on the mind. In this way, your attitude is deeply affected and you can begin to show for life.

There are many instructions for this pose, but these are three simple suggestions we would like to give:

1. Close your eyes and reach your hands towards the sky.
2. Feel yourself opening up to a universe of infinite possibilities, continuing this practice often until you fully experience it.
3. And finally, turn the corners of your mouth upwards and enjoy!