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Yoga Inspiration: Handstand

From the Blue Osa Yoga Mat…
“Yoga is a practice of walking into your fear every day and facing it head on until there is no more fear.”

Handstand is a part of our featured sequence for this month.

Let’s face it, Handstands are really scary! Well at least for most people they are…most normal people.

A few years ago I suffered a terrible injury and afterwards found myself full of fears and insecurities. Luckily, with the dedicated support of my friends and my commitment to my yoga practice, I was able to recover quickly. While my body had made a full recovery, I was terrified to practice inversions, let alone Handstands.

But for me, yoga is, and always has been, about heading straight into my fears. There is nothing like staring your fears in the face and popping up into that Handstand. In that moment you know all of your fears were for not. It’s pure exhilaration!

Just in case, facing your fears isn’t enough motivation, here are a few more benefits of Handstands:

* Strength – As B.K.S. Iyengar pointed out, it “develops the body harmoniously. It strengthens the shoulders, arms and wrists and expands the chest fully.”
* Renewed blood flow – Freshly oxygenated blood to the head, improves brain function and complexion
* Fun – You can have a lot of fun when practicing handstand, especially with other friends.

Cast your fears aside and join the band of yoga warriors everywhere overcoming their fears with our Handstand sequence! If you’ve been waiting or making excuses, join this month’s Yoga Challenge today and break through!

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