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The Journey Begins

As soon as you step foot into Blue Osa Beach Resort & Spa, you’ll immediately feel at home and a part of a family. From the smiling faces to the friendly staff, settle in a safe tropical oasis off the beaten path that supports your transformation. Take a relaxing yoga retreat, have an adventurous Costa Rican experience, or enjoy a beach holiday. Blue Osa is your home away from home.

We consciously shaped everything at Blue Osa to give you a safe space to connect with the land, yourself, and others. From our organic garden and intentionally designed spaces — our yoga retreat commits to offering a clean, beautiful place for self-discovery and stillness.

How Blue Osa Was Born

Often we forget to slow down and relax. To find stillness. Blue Osa was created as a safe place where guests could seek answers to life’s big questions and sink into a deeper understanding of who they are. After all, everyone wants to be loved and be a part of something bigger.

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“Blue Osa is not about checking out of life. This place is about checking in – with yourself, your mind, the environment and the present moment.”
— Yogi Aaron

21 Photos of Blue Osa you Have to See to Believe

Like any place, Blue Osa has a long and exciting history, and everyone wants to know it. You have come to know Blue Osa as a beautiful yoga retreat and beach resort by the sea. The beauty was always here, but the sanctuary was added when we arrive. Here is a little peek into a photo history that is Blue Osa.

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Yoga is for All People

We want all people to feel welcome at Blue Osa.

Blue Osa is a safe space for people from all ethnic backgrounds, religions, and orientations.

We attract people from all over the world. They  share their unique brilliance in our community, adding to the diversity of who we are.

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