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30-Day At Home Yoga Challenge For Transformation

30-day yoga challenge

  Practice yoga once a week and you’ll get sore. Practice yoga three times a week and you’ll get fit. Practice yoga every day and you’ll transform your life. ~ things yogis say   I’ve had a “serious” yoga practice… Read More

The Power Of Silence: How Silence Can Free Us

Staying silent in the morning, how hard could that be? As it turns out, it was much more difficult than I had thought. Yet, even though it was challenging at first, practicing morning silence grew easy and effortless. Morning silence… Read More

7 Mind-Blowing Facts About Yoga Everyone Should Know

There are many facts about yoga that people don’t know. For example, it’s estimated that some 36 million Americans practice yoga. That’s a pretty significant number. What’s even larger is the amount they spend annually on yoga products—$27 billion USD!… Read More

The Evils of Marketing Yourself As a Yoga Teacher


Marketing is such an evil word. Social media, email campaigns, network marketing – you name it. The word itself conjures up negativity, and generally the act of marketing is not applied for the better good. Most campaigns try to make… Read More