Our Top Ten Yoga Blogs You Need To Follow

As I got ready to immerse myself in one month of yoga teacher training at the Blue Osa in Costa Rica, I found myself seeking out “all things yoga.” I picked up yoga magazines. Tried out new online yoga videos. Attended different classes around town. And started reading various yoga blogs online.

As the date drew nearer, I realized that the personal testimonials I found on the yoga blogs paralleled my own journey. I noticed that reading the words of fellow yoga enthusiasts fueled my inspiration and kept me motivated to continue deepening my practice. I loved hearing about their success stories. I empathized with their frustrations.

The online community of yoga blogs is vast. These days it can be hard to find blogs that share honest and interesting articles. However, there are a few gems that stand out.

The Top 10 Yoga Blogs That You Need to Follow

1. Yogi Aaron || Biography Of A Naked Yogi:

O.K. seriously, I am in love with his blog. Yogi Aaron delivers uplifting and supportive messages of hope in a voice that is not only practical, but speaks directly to you. His words remind us to reconnect with what truly matters. This is a must read for anyone within the yoga community as he calls us to make the changes we wish to see in our lives. His yoga blog is one of personal empowerment and how to achieve life changing results.

2. Your Vegan Boyfriend:

So when I got into yoga, I discovered really quickly that I wanted to make some life style changes. And one of them was to become a vegan. Vegan Boyfriend is a great blog with a lot of really easy to make vegan recipes. “We created this site because we care about the future of our planet and want more people to be aware of the health benefits associated with veganism. In addition, we want to share with folks some of our lessons and delicious recipes we’ve made.”

3. Yoga International:

This blog is not only informative, its content is well thought out, fact checked, and edited. It is the perfect place for new yogis to go, as well as growing yogi enthusiasts who are looking to grow their practice. Anytime I need some inspiration, I go to Yoga International.

4. The Manifest Station:

The creator of this blog, Jen Pastiloff travels the world with her unique workshop “On Being Human,” a hybrid of yoga related movement, writing, sharing out loud, letting the snot fly, and the occasional dance party. Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, calls Jen “a conduit of awakenings.” Jen’s passion and goal is to awaken the wild woman archetype… calling the goddess forth in all of her creative splendor. If you ever plan on taking a workshop with her, bring your journal, and open heart and the willingness to grow open and stronger for her workshops. When she is not traveling and teaching, she is based in Los Angeles with her husband and son and a cup of coffee.

5. The Yoga Mint:

Our top 10 yoga blogs to follow

This super short, sweet 1-2 paragraphs posts blog delivers simple shots of information on health, body, beauty, and yoga. This is great for people who only have a few moments at a time to connect with their online “zen community.” It’s perfect to check the morning Mint while you wait in line for your coffee, ride the elevator to work, or wait at a red light.

6. Daily Downward Dog:

Our top 10 yoga blogs to follow

This site offers frequent updates and personal testimonials about a life infused with yoga. Stocked with cool yoga music playlists, beautiful destination yoga retreats, and basic information, this site offers something for anyone interested in yoga.

7. Yoga Dork:

Our top 10 yoga blogs to follow

This site writes about the up-to-date current events in yoga culture. It throws in a flare of humor along with its humility and is a great place to find posts ranging from, “Yoga Poses That Look Like Staple Thanksgiving Foods (… and the Coma),” to articles about gratitude, fashion, and meditation and more.

8. My Yoga Blog:

On this blog, author Ursula Preiss, invites us to read her personal yoga journal. Her blog is a place where she shares her experience with her evolving Ashtanga Yoga practice. She opens up about her daily routine, talks about what is happening in the Ashtanga community, and reveals things that are going on in her personal life.

9. Bad Yogi Blog:

All of us want to be a little bad… right? This blog gives you permission to do so. It is honest and redefining yoga culture, one Bad Yogi at a time. It’s time to remove the snobbery, pretense, and endless “prerequisites” to fit into this community and that’s why we’re here. We are yoga’s anti-clique. As creator Erin says, “I hated the exclusive, judgmental nature of the yoga community and wanted to impact some kind of change to prove that it doesn’t have to be this way.”

10. The Yoga Trail Blog:

Our top 10 yoga blogs to follow

This blog let’s you know what’s happening in the yoga community at large. You’ll find yoga tips and tricks that will help yoga teachers as well as students. Their blog follows teachers throughout the world and connects people with their fellow yogis who are out on the “yoga trail.”

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do and that they help to inspire you along your personal yoga path.

Have a favorite yoga blog you think we missed? Share it in the comments below!

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