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6 Excuses That (Shouldn’t) Stop You From Taking a Yoga Teacher Training

6 Excuses That (Shouldn’t) Stop You From Taking a Yoga Teacher Training

A yoga teacher training is a big choice!

Therefore choosing to attend a yoga teacher training at Blue Osa in Costa Rica was a big decision for me.

I knew it would be an incredible experience in that I would meet amazing, like-minded people and begin the biggest transformation and spiritual awakening of my life.

That didn’t mean I was free of hesitation, doubts, even excuses. I had only been practicing yoga for one year, and I wondered how I could ever be a yoga instructor before becoming a “yogi.”

Fears and doubts kept circulating in my mind. I had way too many excuses getting in the way of moving forward in life.

I had gone back and forth for months before finally deciding to face my fears. It wasn’t until I recognized them and addressed them head-on that I was able to stop making excuses. It ultimately led me to sign up for YTT in Costa Rica, and it changed my life.

I had my fair share of doubts, and I trust you do too! That’s why you’re here, certainly.

The list of excuses as to why you shouldn’t become a yoga teacher may be a long one, but you’re not alone.

The preliminary fears embarking on this incredible journey are widespread.

So we’ve decided to address the top 6 excuses that shouldn’t stop you from doing a yoga teacher training in the hopes that you too can face your fears and do it anyway.



Yoga Teacher Training

1. I’m Not Good Enough At Yoga


‘Not good enough’ is a phrase we should all aim to release from our vocabulary and self-talk. This subjective view we all seem to have of ourselves bears no relation to the reality of who we are.

Wherever you are in your practice, know that it is enough. So long as you have the will to fulfill your soul desire, then there is 100% a place for you on the mat.

Yoga is a process and a very personal, long, non-linear one at that.

Yoga and the practice of it are much more concerned with your ability to engage with an open heart and mind than it is with your level of experience.

Beginning a yoga teacher training is an incredible way to strengthen your relationship with yoga and to deepen your relationship with yourself.

2. I Don’t Know If I Want To Teach Yoga

The beauty of yoga teacher training is that what you learn will last a lifetime, from deepening your yoga practice to understanding yogic philosophy to getting specialized adjustments. No rule says you must teach because you can, and in fact, many students never go on to do so.

Instead, a yoga teacher training will cover aspects of yoga that you would not necessarily get in a regular class. Are you looking to form deep bonds with like-minded souls, focus on yourself and your transformation, or even broaden your understanding of yoga, prana, and Sanskrit? You can bet a yoga teacher training is just right for you.

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3. I Don’t Have The Time

Probably one of the number one excuses people have for not taking a yoga teacher training is time.

Time is precious.

It is something we can never get back.

But time spent intentionally, answering our call, in commitment to a practice that deepens our relationship to ourselves is arguably time well spent.

For most of us, taking a yoga teacher training means taking time away from work, friends and family, and even putting a hold on our daily responsibilities.

A YTT is a considerable commitment to make, but an empowered one at that. We are taught to believe, especially as women become mothers and wives, that putting ourselves ahead of others is a selfish act. But, it is nearly impossible to serve others when we cannot even serve ourselves.

Taking care of ourselves first is the best way to care for the people we love.

Deciding to begin a yoga teacher training is an empowered choice that will do more for you and those in your life than people usually give credit.

Excuses That Should Not Stop You From Yoga Teacher Training

4. I Won’t Know Anyone In The Class

While this is undoubtedly true – it is only for the first few hours. You won’t believe how 24 hours in a YTT environment can initiate the strongest bonds imaginable.

Everyone participating in a YTT is there responding to their purpose, their passion, and their call. Just as it is for you, everyone is there for a reason, and you, too, are part of that reason.

The nature of yoga is to create unity within ourselves – trust that the spirit is alive and flowing through everyone in that class that you will find unity among them too. You may arrive at your training alone, but you will surely leave with a brand-new soul-family.

5. I’m Afraid It Will Be Too Hard

Pushing past our challenges in this way is good for our soul. It extends the capacity for greatness within us, and we should all strive to approach life in this way to continually grow as people.

A YTT will be challenging, that’s for sure, but the most rewarding accomplishments are usually the most difficult to achieve.

If you are already along your yoga journey, you will know that yoga is not here to embarrass you or give you a hard time while pushing you past your limits.

No, instead, yoga will show you the possibilities when your mind, body, and spirit are truly in unity. And for this to happen, only you decide how far you can go.

6. My Friends And Family Will Think I’m Crazy

female empower and yoga

We are in 2020. Although yoga is reaching people far and wide, there are still parts of the world, communities, and families that hold a stigma towards the yoga community and those who want to complete a YTT.

If you find yourself in such a predicament, the most important advice I can offer is this:

Despite others’ opinions, you are the only one who can create change in your life. Your friends and family want the best for you, but only you know what you truly need.

Only you can hear that call, know your purpose, or make empowered decisions for your life.

When we don’t have the support of those closest to us, it’s difficult and discouraging to move forward in life. But, the beauty of the yoga community is that here is where you will find your tribe and your support network of like-minded souls.

The support you need is there, you only have to bravely place yourself at the center of what you love doing, and your family is right there waiting.

Much of the tips above intend to inspire and motivate you. To encourage you to know that despite these genuine fears, you have the power to overcome anything. Look deep within and ask yourself why you have any excuses at all and how they have been serving you so far. Doing a YTT is an incredible experience. And if you are still reading this, then it’s clear that this is the path you are meant to lead.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your yoga journey, learn more about the Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training program here.

Will you allow your excuses to doing a yoga teacher training you back from your true purpose? Or will you step into your power and pursue the yogic path you’re meant to lead?