6 Excuses That (Shouldn’t) Stop You From Taking a Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Making the choice to attend the yoga teacher training program at Blue Osa in Costa Rica was a big decision for me. I knew it would be an incredible experience, that I would meet amazing people and that I would gain skills that would help me in the future. However, I initially had a lot of hesitations about signing up. I had only been practicing yoga for one year, and I wondered, “Could I even become a yoga instructor if I weren’t an advanced yogi?” I had too my excuses getting in the way.

Excuses That Should Not Stop You From Yoga Teacher Training

Different concerns and doubts ran through my mind. I had gone back and forth for months before I decided to face my fears, stop making excuses, and sign up for the program.

Maybe you love yoga, too, and you’ve wanted to become a yoga teacher for a while. Or perhaps you’ve only recently started thinking about taking a yoga teacher training program. Whether it’s been a month or a decade, you’ve probably experienced some doubts as to whether or not you are ready to participate in a teacher training course.

The list of excuses why you shouldn’t become a yoga teacher may be long. However, you’re not alone – the fears that you have before embarked on a journey of becoming a yoga instructor are very common. Don’t let these six excuses stop you from taking the next step of a lifetime:

6 Excuses (That Shouldn’t) Stop You From Taking a Yoga Teacher Training

1. I’m Not Good Enough At Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training

There is no prerequisite to take a yoga teacher training. Wherever you are with your personal practice, taking a training course will strengthen your relationship with yoga. Everyone who attends yoga teacher training is at a different stage on their personal path. It is important to remember that yoga is a lifetime practice and an individual journey.

2. I Don’t Know If I Want To Teach Yoga

That’s okay! In fact, many people who take yoga teacher trainings have no intention of teaching yoga to other people. They take a course to deepen their practice, learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga, get specialized adjustments or progress into more advanced postures. There is no rule saying that just because you can teach that you have to teach. A yoga teacher training will benefit you in so many ways even if you decide you don’t want to instruct others/lead others through the practice.

3. I Don’t Have The Time

For many people, taking a yoga teacher training means having to take time off work, spend time away from family and friends, or put a pause on daily responsibilities. We are taught that putting our own needs before the needs of others is selfish. However, taking care of ourselves is the best way to be able to care for the people we love.

I recently met a wonderful woman from Amsterdam. She had traveled all the way from Europe to train with her yoga teacher in San Jose, Costa Rica for a one-month retreat. She shared how difficult the decision had been for her since it meant leaving her husband and 4-year-old son for 30 days. However, she had realized that in order to be the best mother and wife that she could be, she needed to take the time to attend to her needs. Her soul had been longing for an adventure of her own. She had been yearning for an opportunity to focus on herself, both mentally and physically. She was almost through with the program when I met her, and she was radiant with joy. Even though it was hard for her to spend time away from her family, she realized that her distance would strengthen their bonds because she would be her best self when she returned to them after a month away.

4. I Won’t Know Anyone In The Class

People come from all over the world to participate in yoga teacher training programs, and most people come by themselves. It is the nature of the yoga to unite and bond the students. People who seek to deepen their yoga practice and help others through teaching yoga tend to be kindred spirits. You may arrive at training alone, but you will leave with a new family of fellow yogis.

Excuses That Should Not Stop You From Yoga Teacher Training

5. I’m Afraid It Will Be Too Hard

Yoga teacher training will be challenging, yes. However, the limits you push through in your body, mind, and spirit will empower you for the rest of your life. If you have already begun your own yoga journey and are considering taking a yoga teacher training, then you know that the most rewarding accomplishments are sometimes the most difficult to achieve. Do not let this excuse scare you away, but instead, allow it to motivate you!

6. My Friends And Family Will Think I’m Crazy

It can be scary when you want to do something that you feel is important for you, but you don’t have the support of the people that you love. Other people’s opinions and judgments of our decisions can be very intimidating and influential in our lives. However, even if your co-workers or friends don’t understand why you want to do a yoga teacher training program if you know in your soul that it is what you truly want, then you have to let go and follow your heart.

Take a good look at what it is that is keeping you from signing up for a yoga teacher training. Everyone who embarks upon the road to taking a yoga teacher training program has fears that they have to face at one point or another. Don’t let these fears stop you from achieving your dreams and following the path you are meant to lead!

If you’re ready to take the next step on your yoga journey, learn more about the Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training program here.

Will you allow your excuses to hold you back from what you really want? Or will you step into the unknown and pursue your personal yoga path?


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