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Become a Yoga Warrior

become a yoga warrior

Students come to yoga for several reasons. One of the reasons is to build a stronger body. The general notion is that if we become stronger in the body, we become stronger and more powerful in life. The Warrior Yoga… Read More

Be fierce in Virabhadrasana III Pose


You’ve seen the asana, but do you know the Warrior legend? Lord Shiva created Virabhadrasana from the locks of his own hair to avenge his wife’s death. Shiva’s wife Sati was the daughter of Daksha; he did not approve of their… Read More


how to lose weight || 15lbs in 21 days

Weight loss is one of those subjects that everyone has an opinion on. It should be added to the list of ‘conversations to avoid at the dinner table.’ Politics, religion, money, and “How do you lose weight?” Everyone trying to… Read More

10 Foods To Enhance Your Yoga Practice

by Maia Leggott   ‘Eating for your yoga’ is a phrase we hear often these days, but many of us do not necessarily know how to put it into practice in a ‘normal’ diet. Here is a list of ten… Read More

Heal Your Body With Acupuncture

How Koji Learned to Heal Your Body With Acupuncture At age seventeen, Koji—a champion downhill skier—journeyed on a seven-day vision quest. On his return to Colorado, he purchased a one-way ticket to India, “freaking out” his mother, coaches, and sponsors…. Read More

Yoga For Your Digestive Problems

What is the digestive system? The digestive system is a set of organs that help process the food that we eat. It is important for the body to breakdown this food, so that the vital nutrients can be absorbed and… Read More