Man freestyle swimming in the turquoise blue ocean of Costa Rica.

Why Swimming in the Sea Supports Healing

Yoga retreats here at Blue Osa offer so much more than yoga alone. We utilize mother nature’s magical healing gifts to amplify the immersive yoga experience we are proud to offer our guests and students. Our luxury eco-resort backs directly onto the Golfo Dulce which is a gulf between the Osa Peninsula and Golfito. Golfo Dulce is one of the deepest gulfs in the world, which is why a variety of whale species, including humpback whales, migrate to these warm waters of the Pacific Ocean each year to mate and give birth. A majestic blessing to guests who come to Blue Osa from August to December (and sometimes as early as late June) may get to experience.

But these magical healing waters offer more than the opportunity to witness beautiful wildlife and scenery. Seawater actually contains healing benefits to human physical, mental and spiritual bodies, an alternative therapy known as thalassotherapy.

Costa Rican Ocean Water: The Science

Seawater contains high levels of minerals that benefit the human body. It is the quantity of these minerals found in seawater that is key to its healing properties. Namely, these key healing sea minerals are magnesium, iodine and sodium. There are also some pure bacteria in the sea that is unadulterated by human processes. The sea’s mineral properties teamed up with the vitamin D-boosting equator sunshine, is a guaranteed concoction for full body healing at one of our yoga retreats.

Heals Skin Issues

If you are suffering from a skin disease, like psoriasis or eczema, the combination of sea mineral salts with the sun will help regenerate your skin. How? The sodium exfoliates the skin and opens the pores. Iodine cleans the pores of the irritated area of the skin like an antiseptic. Then magnesium is absorbed into the body aiding coagulation (clotting) of the skin and moisturizing dry skin. Even ulcers, lupus and acne can improve from this combination of minerals on your skin.

View of the tropical beach at Blue Osa in Costa Rica from the ocean.

Detoxifies the Gut

Unintentionally swallowing small amounts of ocean water when swimming might taste bad, but it’s actually a good thing for your gut! The unadulterated bacteria and iodine in the ocean can ease constipation and cleanse your gut. Furthermore, the ocean’s bacteria help to improve your immune function while magnesium improves nutrient absorption in the body. The result? Better metabolic activity, meaning better and more efficient absorption of nutrients into our body resulting in more energy for yoga, adventures, and all other forms of vacation fun you can dream up!

Improves Circulation & Brain Power

It is scientifically proven that exercising in ocean water lowers heart rate and improves circulation (blood pressure). A 2014 medical study published by NIH showed that being in seawater, up to the level of the heart, boosts blood flow to the brain by 14% which improved memory, mood, clarity and focus.

Muscle Soreness & Function

Magnesium efficiently absorbed through the skin in ocean water reduces muscle soreness and improves neuro-muscular function. This means faster recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness (workout soreness) and delayed development of rheumatism. The nerve and muscle function are improved so you get faster reflexes in your movement. This is especially helpful during a yoga retreat where you may be moving your body more than usual.

Woman sitting on the ocean's edge with a wave splashing over her legs.

Improves Breath

Breathing is a hugely important aspect of your overall health and well-being. Sinus issues can be cleared due to the nasal irrigation of sodium into the nasal lining. It reduces inflammation in the nasal passages clearing hay fever and sinus-related problems. The rhythm of breathing when in the water can also help breathing disorders become more regulated. This can improve upper respiratory tract problems.

Calms Mind & Body

Hydrotherapy (water therapy) is proven to relax, destress and reduce depression. The Ocean water’s iodine combats frustration and depression. Magnesium reduces anxiety. These physical changes benefit the body and mind. But there is more to it than the minerals when it comes to the healing attributes of swimming in the sea.

The ocean is free from the overstimulation of our modern world. And so, when you tune into the rhythm of the waves with your senses, you’re guaranteed to be overcome with a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

There’s a reason for the growing popularity of floatation tanks in cities. Weightlessness of the body in the water is calming, liberating even, and a desperately needed escape from phones, work, family and all other life distractions. We are so blessed at Blue Osa to have a never-ending soul-filling body of water to float in right in our backyard. Just walk a few steps out to the sea, lie on your back, let your ears be covered by the water, and stare up at the sky above you to drown out the world. You will feel reborn!

Woman floating in the turquoise blue ocean of Costa Rica.

Deepens Your Connection to All

With less stimulation and a calmer mind, you can focus on what really matters: fully receiving the ‘awe’ of the ocean’s vastness. When staring out into the ocean’s mysterious beauty you’ll feel connected to the universe and deepen your connection to your Self. It is times and opportunities like this that awakenings or inspiration comes to find you. So if you’re needing some inspiration or answers, we invite you to join one of our yoga retreats or to book your dream spa or adventure vacation and allow the Osa vortex to transform you.

Pathway through a jungle garden opening up to a bright orange and yellow sunset over the ocean at Blue Osa in Costa Rica.

Blue Osa Yoga Resort and Spa sits directly on the ocean. So if being close to the healing properties of the sea is high on your priority list, then look no further! The jungle garden-lined path leading out to an obstruction-free, endless view of the Golfo Dulce will be a guaranteed highlight of your stay here. Whether you’re ready to swim, float, walk along the sea’s edge or simply ocean gaze and allow time to float by in one of our lounge chairs, you are guaranteed to reap the healing benefits of the bountiful ocean that we are so lucky to call home.

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