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5 Benefits of Blessing Our Meals

“Bless the Food Before us. The Family Beside us, & The Love between us”

Too often we eat and fill our stomach without really engaging in the process. We sometimes tend to get so hungry that we just stuff the food into our system or grab a quick bite. Many are accustomed to eating their meals while watching TV, preoccupied from the actual process of eating. We all tend to do so and it’s nothing to feel ashamed of, but have you ever wondered if the food would taste different if you would pay more attention to it? Or if your body would be fulfilled faster if you’d be more present in the process?

Benefits of Blessing Our Meals

Yogis think you should only eat what you need and actually fill your stomach up to 70 percent. Gandhi thought one should not really enjoy their food, but rather just eat enough not to be hungry. For me, that is too extreme, as I do love food, eating, the different flavors, tastes and wonders of The Mother Earth. Therefore I think the utmost appreciation should be shown in every meal. The Yogi’s 70 percent rule is a great guideline to follow—appreciating the scarce resources of food on Earth and to appreciate the limits of your body.

The Energy of The Universe

I believe strongly in the power of energy. The energy of the universe and how we all consist of different vibrations of the energy. This is pure physics. Recently I saw a movie by Tom Shadyac called “I AM” where the message was: the emotions and thoughts that we have actually have an effect on everything around us. They did an experiment on yogurt. The evil thoughts made the yogurt vibrate. Amazing right? So by seeing this experiment, it made me consider even more the importance of blessed nutrition.

I realized how the food that nurtures my body and provides me with energy resonates within my body while digesting. Positive vibration gives me a feeling of content and negative vibration leaves me hungry, bloated or with digestion issues.

When starting my adventures a month ago, I was nervous about my travels and started to seek comfort and security for myself in energy. I came to realize that crystals and my Mala beads would enhance the positive energy around me but also that blessing my food would have a positive impact on my body.

Benefits of Blessing Your Meals

I came up with a mantra, a small ritual where I would focus my thoughts and all positive thinking around my meal. I would drape my palms around the plate to sort of sealing the plate and focus the subject of my blessing. My Mantra in my mind is: “Universe, Let the beauty and the energy of nature nourish me and be blessed energy within me”. With full focus on the food and the moment, I would be taking my first bites in silence, appreciating the taste and smell. In a recent yoga retreat, we all sat in silence for the first 5 minutes of the meal. That was often difficult to remember but made me realize the value of food in a new way. I realized that taking the time to bless my food forces me to be in the present, at the moment. While I am being more aware in the process of eating, I am fulfilled faster.

Scientifically Proved: Our thoughts affect everything around us.

A study conducted on “thoughts affecting water”, by a Japanese researcher, Masuro Emoto, revealed that the crystal structure of water changed dramatically after being exposed to negative words, yet changed to crystallized structures resembling snowflakes when replaced with positive words such as love and thank you. This experiment makes you wonder what similar effects blessings can have on our bodies, which consist primarily of water. .

The Positive thinking and surrounding yourself with positive energy has been scientifically proved. Positive things happen to positive people. Smile returns. So why not tap this positive thinking into your nutrition.

The Blessed Nutrition at Blue Osa

At Blue Osa, we are blessed to enjoy the blessings from our kitchen. Part of the greens used in the cooking comes from our own garden. The garden employs two people, who are dedicated to nurturing the plants for the blessed nutrition of the yogis of Blue Osa. At the moment, we are in the process of expanding our “farm to table” concept, by growing and expanding our own farm. The expansion will be ready by the beginning of 2016 and provide Blue Osa fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Read more:

By growing our own vegetables we can ensure the food served at Blue Osa is as local as it can be, sustainably sourced and organic. Tasty veggies are an end result of love and care.

The positive energy makes the plants grow, the love of the chef makes the food tasty. At Blue Osa, we enjoy three nutritional well-balanced meals daily in family style, where we truly eat blessed meals, with our universal family, embraced by nature and love. The personal blessing makes the meal vibrate the universal energy to better digest in your stomach and your body.

Don’t just take my word for it. Come and taste, or get a preview of some of the amazing dishes here.

Many of our yogis state: “I must get the recipes for this stuff”. Well, now you can! Many of the meals we eat are from Marie’s signature cook book.

5 Real Benefits of Blessing Your Food:

1. Blessing food before a meal brings your attention to the moment for eating and that way prepares your physiological body to digest the meal by increasing salivation, digestion enzymes.

2. Mindfulness before meals releases hormones and sets your brain to the mode for enjoyment

3. Taking the moment to focus before the meal prepares your physiological body and your emotional body to enjoy the meal and feel fulfillment after the meal.

4. The positive thinking and blessing of the food change the molecule structure of water, influencing the fluid cells in food and the way they affect your body and digestion.

5. Blessing your meal brings your attention to the moment. It makes you more conscious of what you are eating and consuming, awakening your body to all the senses and allowing the maximal enjoyment of flavors and tastes.

So When was the last time you took the moment to be thankful for your meal?

I challenge you to:

-Consider your perception towards each meal
-Be present in the moment: forget TV, Phone, newspapers and drop conversation for a while.
-Bless or think positively about the food in front of you. Let it nurture you.
-Take the first bites to taste and feel the texture of your food. Chew.
-Be silent.
-Become connected to Mother Earth.

And remember, the things we take for granted, someone else is praying for. Be blessed with what you have.

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5 Benefits Of Blessing Our Meals

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