A Cookbook With Your Favorite Meals from Blue Osa

One of the original owners of the property, along with her late husband Jean-Francois. Marie was so inspired by Aaron and Adam’s vision for Blue Osa that she remains the ‘Mother’ of the Blue Osa family several years later.

Blue Osa Cookbook by Chef Marie

“In my recipes, I use a pinch of originality, a spoonful of savoir faire and much, much love.

The jungle is where I cook. Here, I don’t have the same ingredients that are available in big markets and city superstores.

So I use local products and created an original cuisine that combines influences from around the world with French flavors.

My cooking is simple, uncomplicated, flavorful and at times innovative.

I think that knowing how to eat is the beginning of knowing how to live. TO know how to cook is to love to cook. So I encourage you to get playful at home in your own kitchen.

This cooking guide is dedicated to Adam, Aaron, my daughters, Katherine, Randy and Harriet… and to all of you who come to Blue Osa.

Love you!”

Marie x

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