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5 Ways To Include Simplicity Into Your Daily Living

As our daily schedules become more jammed, to-do lists increase, and commitments must be taken care of, little by little simplicity is thrown out the door. We start to become conditioned into finding ways to create more of this ‘busy… Read More

How Yoga Saved My Life From PTSD!

How Yoga Saved My Life

VaniDevi says that yoga saved her life. And her story of why she started practicing yoga is genuinely inspirational. As a young woman in the US Army, she suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and had all but given up… Read More

Gain the Courage to Transcend Obstacles With John Cottrell

“We are the warriors and conquerors of our own weaknesses. By nurturing our inner warrior, we prepare ourselves to deal with our own life challenges.” –John Cottrell, Yoga With Intention Retreat Spotlight: Gain the Courage to Transcend Obstacles With John… Read More