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5 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up With The Rising Sun (For You Night Owls)

Have you been wondering how to get more activities done throughout your day, how to have more energy or simply to connect to nature or have more time for yourself?

Does the early bird really get the worm?

Fun Fact: Waking up early enhances your productivity; “In 2010 Christoph Randler, a biologist from Harvard found that early risers are more proactive. When presented with statements such as: I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself, an early riser is more likely to agree.”

“Health Ambition, No Nonsense Health Advice.” Health Ambition Top 7 Benefits Of Waking Up Early Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Jan. 2016.

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” -Richard Whately

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5 Reasons Why You Should Wake Up With The Rising Sun (For You Night Owls)


1) More productivity


Less procrastination … during the early morning, there tends to be less distractions, which becomes easier to achieve more during this time.

Inspiration … feeling the freshness and newness of the early morning can create more inspiration for creating and achieving your goals.

Clearer decisions … your mind will be fresh, which can help you make more clear decisions.

More energy … might be challenging at first if you’re not a morning person, but once you get going you will feel more energy helping you be more productive.


2) Time for yourself


Quiet time … most people don’t wake up with the rising sun, so if you do you’ll just might find a more quiet time, allowing you to breath into the morning of your new day.

Nature time … if you’re a nature lover, this is a nice way to start your day by watching the sunrise.

Morning rituals … you can use this time to do your morning rituals, such as meditation, morning yoga or whatever your choice is.

Time to relax … if you have the option to work during the day, or school, by waking up early and getting all done in the day, allows you to have relaxing, free time in the afternoon /night time!





3) Better energy


Motivation … there’s a sense of feeling more motivated through your day, making you want to achieve and perform more as you go, making you feel good.

Better sleep … by waking up early, and getting done all you need to get done by the time its night time, you will have a better quality of sleep.


4) Healthier body


Getting the most important meal of the day in … by waking up earlier, you can have time to create your favorite breakfast, giving you energy and good health through our your day.

Time to meal prep … If you have been wanting to eat healthier, when making your breakfast you can prep your meals for the day … lunch, snack and dinner. Just pack them up and take them with you wherever you’re going that day. When I switched to eating home cooked meals I saw a lot of changes, I felt much healthier and new exactly where my food was coming from and what was in it.

Rest and re-energized … Waking up early allows you to have a nice rest at night, allowing the body to fully relax, instead of staying up and eating, watching T.V, creating stress for the body when it’s meant to be resting.


5) Healthy mindset


Positivity … If you find yourself feeling motivated once waking up early, its more likely you will feel more optimistic and confident through out your day.

Feeling good … If you decide to have a morning workout, meditation or your choice of morning ritual, this will release a chemical from your body called endorphins, which reduce your perception of pain which create positive feelings!

Better grades … If you’re in school, waking up earlier helps perform better performance in school, with a more clear and fresh mind to help you study better and have better grades.

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Tips on how you can do it and how to get your day started and going:

Set an alarm for the time the sun rises in your time zone and if you have an option to give your alarm a tittle, write something motivating that will remind you why you’re creating this change for yourself, you’ll wake up faster and better mood.

I like to start my day by making my bed and cleaning the space where I sleep, they say a clean room is a clean mind and it just helps you feel more organized, leading to motivation.

Create a morning ritual for yourself, if you like to wake up gentle and relaxed you can start by reading a book, playing gentle music, meditation/breathing techniques, and/or prayer ; but if you like to wake up and do some movements with your body, you can begin by having a nice walk/jog/run outdoors, morning yoga, or your choice or movement.

Have a journal, and write your short-term and long-term goals, and look at it every day! Take little actions daily to help you achieve those goals and before you know it you will complete them.

To-Do list! Write down all you need to get done throughout the day and check them as you complete them. I like doing this because it helps me stay organized and it doesn’t lead to procrastination.

There have been some studies that have been showing it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. You can have your own experience, by experimenting and taking this as a 21-day challenge for yourself! To help with this motivation, you can create a support group, tell one of your closest friends, partner or family member and do this together!

wake up with Retreats at Blue Osa

Imagine: What it would look like or feel like to have more productivity, getting tasks done in an organized and positive way, having time for yourself, more energy, healthier mind and body? If this is what you’d like, then you should consider taking this 21-day challenge!

What’s better than trying out this challenge in Blue Osa paradise? A place rich in nature, like-minded people and good food, all giving you motivation for this new habit change!




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Nicole-Tovar Born in Colombia, raised in Florida with a mind full of curiosity on spirituality and how to make the world a better place. Nicole has been practicing yoga since she was 16 years old, ever since she’s wanted to expand her yoga practice which has turned into her ultimate passion. She went to Costa Rica where her practice got more deep and now being a certified yoga instructor, still in Costa Rica, as a writer/blogger and finishing her studies on holistic health. Growing up in a household and group of friends full of support and love is what has allowed her to achieve her dreams and to continue to be where she currently is. Expressing her passions with yoga, writing, health and nature through social media wanting to spread her passion through out the world, one picture and one message at a time. (IG: @nicoletovz)(FB: Nicole Tovar)


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