Marie’s Star Fruit Crisp Dessert


Healthy and decadent, this dessert is a Blue Osa original. The exotict star fruit is topped by  a sweet, yet savory, crumble and a tangy cream.  We are blessed at Blue Osa to have 3 large star fruit or carambola (in Spanish) tree that bears its fruits 4 times a year.

From the Kitchen of Blue Osa

Serves 4 people

* Bake in either individual ramekins or in one large (baking times will differ)



-8 starfruit (cleaned, trimmed and sliced)

-1 cup White Cane Sugar

-8 cups Water

-1 Cinnamon Stick



-6 Tablespoons of All Purpose Flour

-¼ cup of Brown Sugar

-¼ cup of White Cane Sugar

-¼ teaspoon ground Cinnamon

-¼ teaspoon ground Nutmeg

-¼ teaspoon Salt

-5 Tablespoons of freezer Cold butter

-¾ cup Chopped Almonds- optional



1.Blanche the slices of star fruit in the sugared water until the fruit is tender

2. Reserve 3 cups of the liquid used to blanch the fruit

3. Over high heat reduce reserved liquid to 1 ½ cups of liquid and line the bottom of ramekins

4. Blend flour, sugars, spices and salt

5. Cut in butter using fingers until consistency is sandy

* If living in the hot and humid jungle use a food processor so that your butter does not instantly melt

6. Sprinkle to cover the tops of ramekins

7. Bake at a 350-degree oven until golden brown and sides bubble (12-15 min for small and 30-35 min for large)


Buen Provecho from Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa



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  1. When to add the starfruit, does it go in the bottom of the ramekin, then the crumble on top? And what is the instruction for the cream topping?

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