Confessions of a yoga teacher – How I over came my fear by Yogi Hollis

This is a confession series with four yoga retreat leaders. They share their thoughts on fear, courage, adventure, what scares them the most, and how they deal with fear.

The following is written Yogi Hollis who is coming to Blue Osa to lead the Return To YOU Yoga Retreat!

1. How have you dealt with fear in your life?

In my life, the best way for me to deal with fear is to meet it head-on. It wasn’t always like this, but as I matured I realized that fear’s power increases over you if you delay your attack of that fear. Once I stood up to my fears and stared them down, I realized that I had the power all the time to defeat it.

2. What does courage mean to you?

My definition of courage means being able to face and deal with something that is difficult, dangerous or unpleasant. Stand up to a fear and take away its power over you – that’s courage to me.

3. How does yoga help people confront and deal with fear?

Yoga helps people confront their fears by allowing them to be present. It helps one connect to their breath, quiet their minds, thus leaving them in a better place to attend to and defeat a fear.

4. What would you say to someone struggling with a lot of fear?

To anyone struggling with a fear, I highly suggest that they face it head on and do it sooner rather than later. The longer you procrastinate the more fuel you add to the fire of that fear. To extinguish it, attack it! Once you overcome the fear, you will feel powerful and feel lighter for the weight of that fear will no longer weigh you down or stop you from reaching your truest potential.

5. Should we be afraid of our fears?

Fear is a big part of our lives. Some fear might be considered healthy where its used as a motivator, helping one to ‘go for it’ and live a fuller life. While other fear is unhealthy, and can paralyze or suppress one’s abilities, talents and can cause disease or depression.

6. How do you move through your fears – how did you make the step to move beyond them.

I usually move through my fears by first stopping, taking a breath, and repeating my mantra ‘You are able, you are powerful, you are creative, you are careful – now prove it!’ This plan of attack has helped me annihilate plenty of fears. It wasn’t always this way, but with the practice of yoga, so many ‘impossibles’ in my life have become ‘possibles’.

Please share with us in the comments below how you get over your fears.

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