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Want To Get Back In Shape? Apply These Healthy Habits This Year.

By Jeannie Mark

Health experts agree, getting fit is an important factor to life. But often our busy schedules create excuses, so we start watching more TV or begin eating junk food instead of cooking healthy meals.

Luckily, these five steps to healthy habits to get back in shape are easy to do and attainable, even for packed lifestyles.

1. Do Armchair Yoga

If you work in an office all day, yoga is a type of practice that can be done anywhere. Armchair yoga has gained popularity in the past few years and is used by many to relax, unwind and take breaks. Here’s a superb guide to armchair yoga: printable yoga exercises.

2. Cut Back Coffee

We have grown up in a coffee culture and while coffee is delicious and not entirely unhealthy for the human body, but too many cups of coffee a day can be hard on your stomach and cause reflux, like heartburn or affect how well the body absorbs minerals. Consider cutting back the coffee intake and drinking healthier herbal teas to start your day.

3. Instead of Watching TV, Walk

Eating a light dinner helps keep energy levels higher and makes people less drowsy. Take advantage of eating light by walking after dinner. One of the most overlooked aspects of health that helps up get back in shape is movement. Take your pet out or walk alone with some of your favourite music. It’s proven that walking increases mobility, energy and cardiovascular health.

4. Find a Gym Partner

Sounds hard, but it’s easy to find a gym partner in your city by using social media tools like Facebook or Twitter.There’s also a great website called ExerciseFriends a portal to find workout buddies for any kind of activity. When there’s two of you motivating each other, it’s easier to get healthy and you can share the results together.

5. Start Slow on Eating Healthy & Then Build Up

It’s unrealistic to do a crash course in healthy eating, so start slow by eating a healthy meal that is based on good fats, proteins and carbohydrates at least two days a week. Begin to replace junk snack food with things like air popped popcorn, flavoured with olive oil or a nuts and dried fruit mix while watching a movie or sitting at your desk at work. Eating better is not a fad diet but a lifelong commitment to feeling better overall. Notice the changes in your body after eating healthy versus eating fast food. Guaranteed, you’ll choose the surge of energy that eating healthy gives.

It is certainly a process to get back in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but once you commit to it, the physical and mental benefits are boundless. Commit to one of our upcoming retreats to get that fresh start you need!

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Healthy Tips To Get Back In Shape

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