Planning Your Vacation TO Costa Rica?

We’re here for anyone who wants to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

We find most of our guests at Blue Osa Beach Resort + Spa have a few things in common. They:

  • Have heard about Costa Rica and are dying to take a vacation here.
  • Want to reconnect to their inner-selves in a sacred + supportive space.
  • Appreciate being pampered with a decadent spa experience every now and then.
  • Love the idea of taking a vacation off the beaten path and leaving their cell phones behind.
  • Are interested in going on local Costa Rica adventures (water rappelling, zip lining, touring a chocolate farm, etc.)
  • Enjoy fresh, farm-to-table meals (and out-of-this-world desserts).
  • Are environmentally conscious, or at the very least curious, and appreciate our commitment to being a self-sustaining, eco-resort in one of the most biodiverse regions of Costa Rica and the world.
costa rica vacation costa rica vacation

Sound like you? Find the category that best describes you below AND click the accompanying link for more information about planning your Blue Osa getaway:


Traveling with loved ones? Embarking on a solo adventure? Imagine having a vacation that is the best of both worlds! Enjoy clean gourmet farm-to-table cuisine experience AND a relaxing, tropical getaway. Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula just may be the perfect beach getaway –– located close enough to the continental U.S to be convenient, yet far away enough to feel exotic.

Not only is Costa Rica the safest country in Central America, but it’s also the most ecologically diverse. Mother nature will provide an endless supply of awe-inspiring things to see and do that are sure to make for an unforgettable stay.

Meanwhile, we’ll supply the beachfront accommodations, the open-air yoga studio, friendly spa amenities and adventure excursions that will make you want to stay in Costa Rica forever.


Searching for a comfortable, inspiring and secluded environment for your next retreat? Look no further. Whether you’re a yoga teacher, personal development coach or corporate organizer, Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa can support you in putting together a phenomenal event.

We offer convenient group packages that take care of everything — from accommodations to meals to yoga props — so that all you have to do is what you do best. We’re also happy to provide you with expert advice, methods and tips for filling your retreat as needed (and we’ll even help you promote it, too!)


What if you could feel more connected to your purpose, nourish your body on all planes (physical, mental and spiritual) and learn a skill that would improve the lives of others –– all the while surrounded by the beauty of the Costa Rican jungle?

Enter Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training: An intensive program designed to help you disconnect from the noise and reconnect with yourself in just 28 days. With plenty of hands-on teaching opportunities, and personalized instruction from an internationally renowned yoga teacher, this program will prepare you to teach with confidence. Immerse yourself for 28 days of yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, and change your life forever.