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How to Become Raw and Naked With Nature

how to be raw and naked in nature

Have you ever just been raw and naked in nature? Yes I mean, literally naked? To experience the rawness of life around you? So many of us never really consider the wonder of nature or life. Most of us are… Read More

5 Tips: How To Choose A Yoga Retreat

Yoga Leadership 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Traveling for yoga retreats has become very popular. People travel all over the world to retreat, to have a yogic experience of living this life, this moment in this reality. There are various websites and travel agencies to connect yogis… Read More

Meet The Iyengar Yoga Teachers of Blue Osa

Blue Osa is proud to host several yoga teachers every year. Zain, Tessa + Genny Kapuler are three “Iyengar Yoga” teachers we are proud to host. Name: Yogi Zain Hometown: Oakland, CA Favorite Book: This Is It Favorite Movie: Waking… Read More

Gain the Courage to Transcend Obstacles With John Cottrell

“We are the warriors and conquerors of our own weaknesses. By nurturing our inner warrior, we prepare ourselves to deal with our own life challenges.” –John Cottrell, Yoga With Intention Retreat Spotlight: Gain the Courage to Transcend Obstacles With John… Read More