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Yoga Opens the Door to Freedom

yoga practice opens the door to your freedom

Yoga can ultimately have the potential to set itself apart from mainstream spiritual organizations by virtue of the fact that we address the wild, untamed, ‘dirty’ and unmentionable parts of our own humanity. In order for us to find out… Read More

How We Made Our Yoga Retreat Successful

Spring Yoga Retreat

by Valentina Rose Many people have asked me how we made our yoga retreat successful. The Blue Dream Yoga Retreat originated in February of 2014 during a Skype conversation with my yoga colleague Ewa. She said, “Sounds crazy, let’s do… Read More

Become a Yoga Warrior

become a yoga warrior

Students come to yoga for several reasons. One of the reasons is to build a stronger body. The general notion is that if we become stronger in the body, we become stronger and more powerful in life. The Warrior Yoga… Read More

12 Proven Ways To Fill Your Yoga Retreat

12 proven ways to fill your yoga retreat

I have lead two yoga retreats at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa in Costa Rica and am now on my third one. For every year that I’ve organized a retreat at Blue Osa, I told management to expect 24… Read More

The 6 Best Yoga Retreats In The World


I relish travel as a chance to immerse myself in the local culture and set time to focus on what is truly important in life. Working with The Travel Yogi feels as though I have hit the jackpot. Whether I am… Read More

How to Choose the Right Yoga Retreat

group yoga retreat || What is your message || Beach

You have probably been thinking about leading a yoga retreat. You might already be leading yoga retreats. So what now? What: Are the steps you should follow? Should you do next? Are the steps I need to take so I… Read More

5 Tips For Creating Successful Yoga Retreats

5 Tips for Creating Successful Yoga Retreats

Taking the time to think and plan your strategies is very important. If you are too eager to start quickly, you may overlook something. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of behind the scenes planning, brainstorming, and action…. Read More