Meet Yogi Zain

Name: Yogi Zain
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Favorite Book: This Is It
Favorite Movie: Waking Life


What in life has given you the most strength to get through difficult times?

My family, spiritual friends and having faith in a positive future.


What has yoga taught you about life?

Yoga has taught me about balance. Through yoga, I learned balancing is an ongoing process that demands continuous calibrating and realigning to any given situation. Yoga brings an awareness to feel a dynamic kind of stillness. Whether posing on my mat or composing myself in the world there is an ongoing vibrancy running through my bloodstream and in my spirit. I feel alive more than ever through my yoga practice.


When did you realize that you wanted to help others and make yoga your business and passion?

I am grateful for all the benefits I gain from practicing yoga. Physically it brings vitality to my body. Mentally it brings clarity. Emotionally it brings stability. And spiritually it brings harmony. I wish to share all these gifts with others to help them benefit any aspect of their life whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


Do you have one teacher (or more) that you study with? If so, could you describe that relationship?

I have a wonderful local mentor, Heather Haxo, with whom I apprenticed one on one after having completed other teacher trainings. Heather was most resourceful and encouraging in helping me become a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher. I also have other senior teachers with whom I make time to travel and study with regularly: Carrie Owerko, Carolyn Belko, and Lois Steinberg. Through each one of these highly skillful and supremely compassionate teachers I’ve gained a depth of knowledge which has enhanced my practice greatly.


Can you talk a little bit about ​what Iyengar yoga means to you?

To me, Iyengar yoga is an all-encompassing practice. Though it’s systematic, it’s not formulaic. Within the method of practice, there is a lot of creativity and room for endless self-exploration. I find there is never a dull moment in an Iyengar Yoga class. The practice is self-regenerating and a rich source for experiencing a vibrant life and a way to age gracefully.


If you had to sum up your retreat in 3 words what would they be?


Join Yogi Zain and Tessa Manning for a rejuvenating retreat to the Osa Peninsula! This 7-day trip is a journey to an extraordinary place with fresh, farm-to-table organic meals, a beautiful beach, pool and spa options. Adventures await!

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