How I Accidentally Became Brave

What is bravery, exactly? How do you boil it down to a phrase that inspires other humans to ask for what they want out of life? Leaps of faith. Bravery to me represents the small leaps of faith I took… Read More

Costa Rica: Yoga for Every Soul

Costa Rica- Yoga for Every Soul

Yoga and Costa Rica go hand and hand these days. Many of its growing towns are now hot spots for tourists, volunteers, and yoga enthusiasts alike. If you’re head over heels for yoga and all of the wonderful benefits of… Read More

Do Your 5-Star Vacation to Costa Rica in Style

Do Your 5-Star Vacation to Costa Rica in Style

Costa Rica boasts vast expanses of biological diversity and elaborate eco-systems. The pristine coastline is home to a growing number of upscale luxury resorts, yet because the country is committed to preserving nature, the landscape of volcanoes, rain forests, beaches,… Read More