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How To Awaken Your Intuition And Find Your True Self: 7 Easy Tips

Understanding how to awaken your intuition is something that takes practice to learn. Intuition is a phenomenon in that the mind acquires knowledge without the use of reason. Intuition is seen as greater knowledge, knowledge beyond intelligence, opposite to our rational thinking. It is the ultimate state of humanity. As animals rely on their instinct, humans have their intuition.

Our intuition is the seat of our internal compass. Unfortunately, in modern society, intuition isn’t something we are used to connecting with. Logic and rational thought take precedence over the voice of intuition. When we experience stress about our life situation and become distracted by our compulsory routine, we might get restless and feel off. We’re often wondering why we feel like this.

What we don’t realize is that we are lacking the internal connection with ourselves – the connection with our intuition. The truth of what we want and who we are, and the thing that acts as a guiding force as we navigate our journey.

When we give this silent voice a space to be heard, we uncover the answers within.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the feeling deep inside of you when something isn’t working, when there’s a better way when you need to make a shift, and when you know you can’t stay where you are – wherever that is.

In his book Stop Stretching, Yogi Aaron gives us a perfect example of listening to his intuition when he decided to try another method than surgery to find freedom from his pain.

With the question, “what was the one thing that had created soul-level shifts in my relationship to pain?” Aaron was recruiting the wisdom of his intuition. He knew there was a way to a pain-free life that didn’t involve life-altering surgery.

That’s what intuition is – the well of answers that lie within you, you just have to tap into it.

How Do I Wake Up My Intuition?

Lush forest

It’s easy to get caught in the thought trap of self-doubt and denial about what is your intuition speaking and what is conditioned thinking.

Intuition is beyond our mental thinking, it is a process of thinking of our consciousness. Discovering how to awaken your intuition will lead you to understand that fulfillment isn’t something you can find in tangible objects and things.

We like to think that the castle of comfort we have built around us, with nice cars, a nice home, filled with materialism; technology, gadgets, children’s rooms full of toys, and a closet full of clothes will give us satisfaction.

We believe happiness is achieved by obtaining these things because there is so much messaging from all directions in so many different forms of media about products and “things.” But a life of fulfillment isn’t something you can buy and it certainly doesn’t come from outside of you. If we allow ourselves to wake up to our intuition, we can find it.

This same way of thinking can be applied to our desire to plan the future that is far ahead. We believe planning will lead us to our path, providing comfort and contentment. We think that when we finally, after years and years of performing, achieve our dreams, then we will start living.

We tend to live in the world of planning and “when I get 40, then I…” or “when I get a new job, then I will travel” Instead of living in the present. The present moment is the place to start following your heart and intuition.

Living fully, in the moment is being present in the deepest form of reality. It isn’t in the past or the future. There is just now. When we settle into what is happening all around us in each moment, our intuition gets louder. That’s because our intuition is underneath the layers we have spent our entire lives laying down. It’s closer to the truest part of ourselves – the part that knows happiness is inside of us and that we are the creators of our reality.

Following your intuition is an everyday learning process. I believe it is our western society that has taught us to seek comfort and happiness in external elements: going to church for salvation, shopping for holidays to express love, and eating to feel better. But this is not how to find your true self.

But do you get satisfaction in your current lifestyle? Do you ever wonder if there is more to it? The comfort of our lives may satisfy our physical body and operative mind, but if we only hang on to the external factors to nurture our body and our physical existence, our spiritual body remains undiscovered and we keep being disconnected from our true self and intuition.

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wildness of your intuition. ” Alan Alda

Sometimes we need to leave our daily environment to start the inner journey of self-realization. When we leave our comfort zone, we open up to a world of newness. Are you interested? Great – you have just woken up to your intuition.

Leaving your comfort zone may seem challenging. When we face challenges, feel restless, or suffer, we tend to seek a cure from the external, material world rather than looking deep into ourselves. We are so used to purchasing our comfort and happiness.

Without realizing it, our stress is a result of trying to hold on to the comfort and happiness created by external factors. Seeking stress release from the external world will lead to a deeper disconnection of the true self, yet instead, when stressed out one should look for the internal source of power, the intuition of our deep self-knowledge. These moments are where you discover how to awaken your intuition.

7 Ways To Awaken Your Intuition and Find Your True Self

Finding your intuition to awaken to your true self is something you can actively do. Here are some simple practices you can start incorporating into your day-to-day that will make the voice of intuition more recognizable.

Disconnect To Reconnect

Mossy rocks

Removing yourself from your daily environment and immersing in the natural world is one of the most effective ways of finding your true self and bringing healing to your body and mind. The yoga retreats at Blue Osa are a great way to find this, as we are right here in the rainforest of Costa Rica, with all the wildlife you can imagine. Beyond the external surroundings, you will also find a sanctuary for spiritual growth and self-discovery.

The beauty at Blue Osa, the tranquility, and great energy will allow you to quiet your mind, and focus on your inner-self to start the discovery of the ultimate layers within yourself. We are like onions, layer by layer peeling closer to the center of ourselves, to the intuition. As Rumi, one of the greatest poets ever has stated, “Yoga is the journey to yourself, through yourself.”

Starting a journey to discover more of your core and how to awaken your intuition might feel like a wild thing to explore. You will come across new paths, rocks, and trees, but it is your journey to discover, connect with your intuition, to understand Brahman, the ultimate reality in the universe.

Dare to look for the wildness within you. Challenge yourself to seek a place deep within yourself. Not all of us are brave enough to leave the comfort of the city.

“What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself” Alan Alda

If you have dared to take the leap of faith, you will find yourself on a journey of self-discovery. Let go of the tendency to seek comfort and happiness in external factors. All external factors are outside you, things you have no control over–and lack of control will leave you stressed out.

So instead, realize the power you have within you. Look deeply into the question: “Who am I?” Go beyond the most obvious answer: your name and age and title. These are only external titles, but who are you deep in you?

The good thing is, you do not need to seek far to feel alive and feel connected with the world!


Locating and listening to your intuition is deeply connected to self-reflection and emotional processing. When you write things down, you deepen your understanding and open your perspective to thoughts and patterns you may not have noticed before.

If our intuition is the voice of our soul, what better way to find that than to use processes that allow us to travel deeper within ourselves?

Journaling is a mental conversation we have with our emotions and experiences. This practice offers us a space to hold our hardships close to us, look at them, embrace them, explore them, and meet them with curiosity and compassion.

This alone is how to awaken your intuition and will help you recognize when it’s speaking to you more often.

Start a Gratitude Practice

One of the best ways to begin your day is with a gratitude practice. Perhaps you take it further than writing down a list of things you are grateful for.

Think about times when you have expressed gratitude to someone else, or when someone has offered gratitude toward you. Feel into this experience and the way it felt in your body.

What thoughts did you have? How did it make you feel? Where were you? Do you remember what you were expressing gratitude for?

Reminding our mind and body about these experiences deepens the imprint they have on us and reminds us of what it felt like to be in that moment. We can re-experience the love we felt in this moment.

Doing this not only reduces anxiety, but allows you to tap into the truest part of who you are – your intuition. This extremely strong guiding force that is always trying to lead you toward the moments that make you feel the way you do when you’re aligned and in your joy.

Gratitude is a part of this and is a key part of unlocking your intuition.

Spend Time in Nature

If you are wondering how you can begin to connect with your intuition, begin in nature. When we connect with nature, we unlock a part of us that we don’t normally see. Our bodies are naturally attuned to the natural world, and bringing ourselves closer to that puts us into a state of higher alignment.

This state is a channel for our intuition to come through. Think about how you’re feeling and what kinds of thoughts come up when you find yourself in a natural environment.

Blue Osa is the perfect place to connect with nature and bring your intuition forth. The jungle surrounds the property and the ocean is our backyard, so you can literally submerge and immerse in one of nature’s most powerful resources.

Your body and mind will immediately notice where you are and you’ll begin to feel more connected as the days go by. This connection fosters your relationship with your intuition and in itself, is a way of letting it express itself.


A meditation practice is something you can begin at any time. Whether you are brand new to meditating, or if you have a strong meditation practice already, bringing your body and mind into a state of deep concentration is perhaps the best way to connect with your intuition.

Meditation connects you with a higher power and has powerful healing benefits. It brings you closer to your inner awareness and the present moment, where our inner beauty lies and the clarity of reality. This is another tool we can use on the journey toward realizing ourselves and the voice of our intuition.

Because we are so in tune with our breath when we meditate, our body and mind are synced. The universe is working with us to co-create an experience of concentration and healing. Relying on the breath in this way is another way to awaken to your intuition.

When you connect your physical vessel to higher awareness, your intuition speaks.

Get Into a Flow State 

Allowing yourself to play brings your mind into a flow state. Flow state is when your brain becomes so focused on one activity that everything else seems to sort of disappear. You aren’t worried about the performance and all of your attention is directed toward the task.

Flow state is best achieved when we’re focused on something we love doing – when we’re engaged in an activity we feel is play. This might be painting, writing, running, rollerblading, fishing, martial arts – anything you enjoy that is either a dedicated hobby, or just fun for you to do. Asana practice is a perfect example of getting into flow state.

Exercising this mental muscle is an incredible tool to awaken to your intuition because you are in your zone. Your body and mind are communicating with each other and there is a steady flow of energy.

Flow state is also deeply meditative. You may not realize it in the moment, but this level of concentration has the same effects as meditation. Your mind’s usual chatter falls away and you don’t need to exert much effort or mental strain to complete the task at hand.

This state of full engagement encourages our minds to become more present. Thus, your intuition is awakened and activated.

Clear Fear

Fear comes with conditioning. As humans, we experience fear about the future and often, it’s rooted in either not becoming or achieving something, or we fear something “bad” happening.

Fear holds us back from catapulting ourselves into our dream life. It is the voice in our head that tells us we can’t do something, we’re incapable, we aren’t strong enough, we aren’t good enough, etc.

Silencing this voice is clearing fear. When we do this, it’s important to recognize where our fear comes from and hold that part of ourselves closely. Recognizing the voice in our head that just wants to keep us safe can actually help make this voice go away.

When we accept it for what it is, we notice it, and it starts to dissipate. The result is an awakened intuition.

Instead of being guided by fear, we’re guided by intuition and our soul’s deepest desires can manifest. We become the channel by which these things come forth.

The processes by which you clear fear are how to awaken your intuition.

Ways to do this are all of the things we’ve talked about here. Meditation, journaling, gratitude practices, getting into flow state, movement, and connecting with nature.

Finding Your True Self: Why It Matters

The intuition is there, arising from our feelings and knowledge, taking a present form in our relationships. Pay more attention to it, it will get stronger. By inviting intuition into your daily life, it will find a way to present itself to you, in your dreams, visions, sensations, signs, music, and emotions. Intuition will find a way to get your attention.

When you discover your Intuition and start listening to it, you will see how extraordinary of an experience life actually is. We make it very easy for you here at Blue Osa, being nestled in the wonderland of nature.

Here as simple as life can be you will discover the amazingness of the universe: the power of the universe and how you can connect with the universe by connecting with your deeper self, following your intuition. The nature surrounding us at Blue Osa will reveal the simplicity and the complexity of nature in the same sentence, allowing you to realize the continuously changing living Earth. Rooting yourself, and connecting to your true self is how you awaken your intuition.

You will come to realize that the deepest reality is this moment, and we create the reality every moment. The intuition you have is real, inviting you to a new perspective. And the more you acknowledge your intuition, the more accurate and stronger it gets.

5 ways to observe your intuition:

  1. Acknowledge when your intuition is communicating with you
  2. Check the accuracy of the message of your intuition
  3. Assess the value over time: what is my intuition bringing in?
  4. Acknowledge the learnings of the day, and be grateful for those lessons
  5. Reflect on moments you’ve self-corrected. Were the workings of your mind interrupting your intuition? What was your intuition trying to tell you?

How To Connect With Your Intuition At Blue Osa

Are you ready to discover your intuition? Check out our upcoming retreats or book a private retreat at Blue Osa.

Yoga and meditation help you to be present with your mind and push you to the path of self-discovery and learning how to connect with your intuition. Leave the city behind you and come to the wildness and beauty of Blue Osa to let go of busy daily routines, to breathe, to relax, to enjoy, and to discover.

The primary purpose of Yoga is self-knowledge and self-reflection, as according to the Vedanta Philosophy, self-knowledge is the key to understanding the relationship between the self and the total scope of reality. Discover Brahman. Discover how to awaken your intuition.

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How To Awaken Your Intuition And Find Your True Self

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