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5 Ways I Reconnected To My Own Spiritual Journey

For the first 25 years of my life, I lived in a very structured faith community. Catholic grades school, seminary high school and college, and a stint in a rural monastery. I studied to be a priest. When I decided to leave the monastic life behind and move into the ‘real’ world, I left my faith community and ceased believing in anything religious.

Now almost 40 years later I am sitting at my computer, reflecting on how I am reconnecting with my spiritual path. For me, it appears my path is circular.

How I Learned To Reconnect With My Spiritual Journey

I believe that every person has the possibility of seeking their spiritual self and finding their path. It is essentially an individual pursuit, one that can be hard to describe and discuss. I remember one monk in the monastery telling me, “when talking about God, pay attention most to the people saying the least”. Nevertheless, as I reflect on my path, let me risk irrelevance and talk briefly about how I am finding my spirituality again.

1. I had to decide that I indeed do have a soul.

Wow, a simple statement but it seems startling. I feel sad thinking that for nearly 40 years I really did not reflect on my soul. Maybe it has taken me all that time to see the difference between religion and spirituality. Disbelief in religion does not have to mean that we abandon the comfort of knowing we are soulful.

2. I need to make my spiritual path real.

Over time religions cultivate a set of beliefs, rules and rituals that helps to guide their faithful on their religious journey. But what about those of us who are going it alone. Yoga, meditation, nature surround me at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat + Spa, and certainly support my intention to connect with my spiritual self. A consistent practice of meditation is my ultimate goal and patience in getting to that goal is the biggest gift I am able to give myself as I reconnect with my path.

3.  I want to seek like-minded people who value their own spiritual journey.

I find it so encouraging and uplifting to share my life and experience with others and am not surprised that, in seeking my spirituality, I want to share my journey with others. Conversation supports growth and understanding for me. I am blessed to live at Blue Osa where so many wonderful, insightful people come. I am nourished with their presence, insights, and laughter.

4.  I am trying to strip away the non essentials.

As I value my spirituality, it hardly seems surprising that it is necessary that I devalue materiality. I am prioritizing how I spend my time and resources. The great ascetics of the both the east and west limited what they indulged in as necessary for enlightenment. No way to get around this one.

5. I am striving for goodness.

This might be the least tangible part of my path but the most important for me. I am holding myself accountable for my thoughts and actions and I value this intention most since goodness for me is the basis of love. As I walk on my path, I am seeking goodness in myself and others.

Have you ever reconnected to your spiritual journey? Share your experience with our community in the comments below.

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5 Ways I Reconnected To My Own Spiritual Journey