Yoga Inspiration Pose: Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose, or Trikonasana, is a powerfully symbolic pose.

Traditionally, its spiritual significance lies in the idea of transformation. The three points also point to the trinity – the creator, sustainer, and destroyer. The two triangles in the heart also signify the union of our lower self with our higher self.

I have been practicing yoga for 25 years, and every time I return to Triangle pose I feel like I am starting from the beginning.

As I feel the sides of my body stretch deeply, my breathing always improves – I am able to breath deeper and feel my lungs expand. Coming out of this pose I always feel such a profound sense of expanding in mind, body and spirit – again the idea of three.

We invite you this week to deepen your Triangle posture by holding the pose for 2 – 3 minutes each day.

We want to know what you think, feel and experience as you start to hold this posture for longer periods of time! Tell us all about it in the comments section!