yoga inspiration pose

Yoga Inspiration Pose: Eagle

A balanced body is a balanced life.

Finding balance is one of the hardest things to do. As yogis, we are in constant awareness of this delicate path we need to tread. If you tip just a little one way or the other, then it all seems to fall apart.

Practicing a posture like Eagle Pose helps you not only to find a balance but also to cultivate a deep sense of stability.

You need to be stable to practice Eagle Pose but, in practicing Eagle Pose, you will find balance.

Eagle Pose helps to strengthen the pelvic floor, momentarily decreasing blood flow as you squeeze your legs together. Upon coming out of this pose, new fresh blood immediately circulates through our digestion and reproductive system. In practicing Eagle Pose, we activate the lymphatic system, helping our internal disposal system to clear out all that which is not useful for us and thereby making space for what is.

In addition, your central nervous system will benefit from Eagle Pose not only due to the way you’ll stretch out your lower and upper back areas but also due to the concentration you’ll need if you want to properly maintain the posture. As a direct result of the above, you will likely notice over time improvements in your body-balance, experience a stronger immune system (due to improved blood flow around the joint areas), and significantly improved mobility of your hip joint. Finally, Eagle Pose will also strengthen some muscle groups in your body, specifically: the trapezius muscles, the deltoids, the quadriceps (front thighs), and the hamstrings.