Yoga Inspiration – Supported Wheel Pose

Supported wheel pose

Backbends tend to be very potent in their physiological effects. Backbends, like Wheel pose, increase elasticity and flexibility in the spine by lengthening and strengthening the vertebrae. Wheel also tends to be energizing and invigorating … Read More

Yoga Teacher Training Resource Round Up

Resouce roundup for yoga teacher training Blue Osa Costa Rica

For all of our aspiring yoga teachers out there, here are some resources you may find helpful. Whether you’re preparing for your teacher training OR deciding whether or not a teacher training is right for … Read More

A Day in the Life of Yoga Teacher Training

A Day in the Life of Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training Costa Rica

Wondering what a typical day at Blue Osa’s One-Month Immersion Yoga Teacher Training looks like? We’ve been getting so many questions about this, we’ve decided to give you a behind the scenes look. Here is … Read More

Save Sea Turtles In Costa Rica

Top 5 Places to Help the Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Find out how you can help save sea turtles in Costa Rica! One random night, Yogi Aaron announced that he would be taking a few of the volunteers on an adventure. Without telling us where … Read More

What To Pack For Your Vacation To Costa Rica

what to pack for your vacation to Costa Rica

Costa Rican life lends itself to a simple life. The most famous expression in Costa Rica is “Pura Vida” which translates to “Pure Life”. Pure Vida living is what motivates Costa Ricans to enjoy life … Read More

An amazing week with Jordanna Dworkin


After meeting Jordanna Dworkin and attending her yoga classes I can say that this woman has something special. She speaks with confidence and guides her students with the wisdom and experience of a seasoned teacher. … Read More