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How To Be Your Own Lover

How to be your own lover

By Christopher Grohs My first encounter with routines was a rigid set of movements full of calculated self care. The feeling was inconvenient and time consuming, requiring 2 hours of my time. It felt like a job to get all… Read More

Easy Morning Tricks to Help You Stay Healthy

Easy Morning Tricks to Help You Stay Healthy

We understand how coming home after a peaceful escape can be a difficult transition. Our yoga retreat in Costa Rica offers beautiful surroundings, healthy meals, and intimate yoga instruction. Living a healthy lifestyle is simple and straightforward here. But what… Read More

30-Day At Home Yoga Challenge For Transformation

30-day yoga challenge

  Practice yoga once a week and you’ll get sore. Practice yoga three times a week and you’ll get fit. Practice yoga every day and you’ll transform your life. ~ things yogis say   I’ve had a “serious” yoga practice… Read More

15 Inspiring Yogis You Need To Follow On Instagram

Inspiring Yogis

There’s something simply beautiful about the body’s ability to bend, twist and invert into different forms and poses. And while we always emphasize the importance of practicing yoga for the total mind-body-spirit practice it is, we still love to get… Read More