Celebrate Earth Month All Year Long

How to Celebrate Earth Month All Year Long

By Olivia Christine Perez

Blue Osa prides itself on its sustainable practices, including solar-powered and farm-to-table living. But you don’t have to live off the grid or in an eco resort in order to do your part. In celebration of Earth Month, here are three ways you can take it a step further and live sustainably all year long:

1. Eat Local. Buy Local.

Invest in a home garden. Whether on your window sill or in your backyard, planting your food or buying from local markets and farms is crucial to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions caused by shipping.

If you live in the city and don’t have the space for a garden, here are five space-saving tips for an urban garden.

2. Decrease Your Water Usage.


When taking a shower, washing your hands, dishes, or even doing laundry, you can decrease your water usage immensely just by becoming more aware of your actions. Create a cold-water laundry schedule and hang-dry your clothing; take short, cold showers; turn off the water whenever possible, and reuse, reuse, reuse! Here is how Blue Osa continues to operate as a self-sustaining community.

3. Travel Smart.

Traveler's Notebook Passport

We all have a bit of wanderlust; some more than others. Unfortunately that desire carries a Catch 22: traveling to explore nature and the world’s wonders while destroying the earth with tourism. Here is a great guide on how to go green while you travel. From booking eco-hotels to ensuring the airline you fly with is continuously working towards being more sustainable, you’ll feel prepared to “go green” on your next vacation and preserve nature’s wonders!

These steps are just the beginning. If we all do our part, we won’t need an Earth Month, because our lives will be dedicated to eco-conscious living.

How do you live sustainably? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Olivia Christine, Travel BloggerAbout the Author:

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