Sustainability is in the foundation of every arch & beam of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa.

How is Blue Osa an Eco-Resort?

Built from the ground up with the guidance of local renewable energy company Poderco in 2009, Blue Osa’s buildings and the grounds themselves are green in design. We are a grid-neutral site that generates at least as much electricity as we consume in a year. The property is designed to use the least amount of power possible.

Being off-the-grid, Blue Osa is not dependent on any external power lines and sewage system. We are a self-sustainable micro-grid.

We seek to leave the smallest carbon footprint as possible, services up to 38 guests, 5 volunteers, and 20 staff at maximum capacity and uses about the same amount of energy that a US household of 4 people use per month.

Food is Farm-to-Table.

Blue Osa gets all its fruit and vegetables from their own organic garden, coconut trees and pineapple patches on the property or from the local fishermen and neighboring farmers who use principles of organic farming.Blue Osa Invests in the Local People & the Community. The staff at Blue Osa are employed year-round. Many hotels in Costa Rica employ staff seasonally during peak season and fire them during the “off season”. This has led to higher crime rates in the country during the times of low employment. We have an employee training system and also actively sponsor kids at a local school.

Blue Osa Promotes Local Eco-Friendly Businesses.

Hosting a local farmer’s market, local jewelers, ice-cream vendors, and artisans display their wares for guests to buy. Blue Osa also promotes local sustainable eco-tours to the rainforest and contributes a portion of the Animal Sanctuary tour fees directly to the animal sanctuary. We also encourage their guests to use public transportation, the local collectivo.

Green in Design

Water and waste is Recycled.

There is no need for a sewer system at Blue Osa. Instead of dumping waste directly into the ocean, waste goes into a biodigester that breaks down the waste into materials that are composted or used to water the lawns on the property. There is also a rain catchment system so when it does rain, the harvested water goes right into the water tanks. The laundry detergent that goes into the laundry machine is bio-degradable. Blue Osa uses their gray water from the laundry machines and puts it back into the garden. They urge guests not to flush toilet paper into the toilets. There are no hair-dryers, air-conditioners, microwaves on the property.

Read more about how we manage water in an eco-friendly way at Blue Osa.

Environmentally Friendly Landscaping at Blue Osa

The beachfront is planted with a local long grass called vetiver, a perennial grass with deep roots to help prevent beach erosion. Blue Osa has a biodynamic organic garden on the premises. There are mango, starfruit, papaya trees, and a pineapple grove on the property. No herbicides or pesticides are used to maintain them.