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2 Week vs. 1 Month Immersion Yoga Teacher Trainings at Blue Osa: An In-Depth Look at The Experience of a Lifetime

Are you ready for an event that will change your life forever? If you’re reading this, you’ve decided to invest your time, money and soul into your immersion yoga teacher training. It’s a big step, so you want to choose the experience that is right for the way you learn, your personal schedule and your unique financial situation. That’s why we’ve compared the two options here at Blue Osa to make your decision the easiest it can be.

Is a 2 Week or 1 Month Immersion Yoga Teacher Training best for you?

Blue Osa Immersion Yoga Teacher Training

2-Week Immersion Yoga Teacher Training

If you’ve ever considered simply taking a yoga retreat because you feel you don’t have time for an immersion training, this is a great option for you. Perhaps you’d like to work this training in with the vacation schedule at your day job, or you’re uncomfortable with being out of the country for a whole month. Perhaps your learning style is more conducive to a fast-paced and intensive curriculum. Whatever the case may be, here are the pros and cons of choosing this immersion teacher training over its one-month counterpart.

Immersion Yoga Teacher Training


1. If your budget for this investment is slightly limited but you still want a quality immersion yoga teacher training, look no further. Both trainings we offer here at Blue Osa are comparable cost-wise to most local studios.

We have three accommodation options to suit your preferences:

$2,890 triple occupancy (you and 2 other roommates)
$3,390 double occupancy (you and 1 other roommate)
$4,890 single occupancy (for those who prefer their privacy)

2. Time is an important consideration when choosing a yoga teacher training in general. You have a few options:

1. A non-immersive training that involves nights and weekends at a home studio
2. A two-week immersive yoga teacher training
3. A one-month immersive yoga teacher training

Of the three, the two-week option can be the sweet spot, as it is the quickest and most time efficient way to learn all you need to become a good teacher. Especially if your preferred learning style is fast-paced.

Taking Notes during Immsersion Yoga Teacher Training

3. Not all who attend a teacher training actually want to be teachers. This is why the 2-week immersive yoga teacher training would be perfect if this is the case for you. If you’re looking for a yoga retreat but you feel like one week to explore your practice isn’t enough, this could be your answer. Not only will you experience the invaluable international community that comes along with a teacher training, but you’ll get more personal attention from a (possibly) more experienced teacher, and a more in-depth look at yoga and its history and what it all means for you, the practitioner.


1. Like we said above, time is a key piece in your training. While it may be tempting to choose a more efficient time frame, that also means less time with your studies, your teachers and your fellow yogis.

1-Month Immersion Yoga Teacher Training

If you’re ready to go all in and completely settle into your practice and your new yogic community, you owe it to yourself to spend 28 days doing so. A yoga sabbatical may be just the life-changing magic you’ve been looking for!

Yoga Changes Lives


1. If you’re in a place in life to devote a full month to your practice, we absolutely recommend you go for it. A one-month immersion yoga teacher training can be more in-depth and really give you the time and space to focus on and absorb what you’re learning. Imagine an entire month of nothing but yoga, meditation and learning in paradise without the worries of your life back home to distract you.

Blue Osa One Month Immersion Yoga Teacher Training

You’ll have 28 days to develop healthy eating habits, to build strong relationships with your teachers and peers, and to learn what yoga means for you. If two weeks can change your life, imagine what four can do!

2. One month gives you more of a serious vacation than two weeks. You’ll have one day off per week during your 28-day immersion teacher training so you can explore the area and take advantage of some of our amazing eco tours. We think adding adventure to your studies is a great way to make your time with us even more worthwhile and unforgettable!

Immersion Yoga Teacher Training at Blue Osa

3. If your learning style is more suited to a slower pace and more time for absorption, you may be better off going with devoting a full month to your studies. There will be extra free time for reading and collaborating with your fellow yogis, and more face-to-face access to your teachers so you can ask questions and be sure you are completely comfortable with the material.


1. This training carries added costs because of the slightly more in-depth training along with an extended room and board expense. But, if your budget has a little wiggle room, your investment in our one-month immersion yoga teacher training will definitely deliver the bang for your buck that you’re looking for.

We have three accommodation options to suit your preferences:

$3990 triple occupancy (you and 2 other roommates)
$4490 double occupancy (you and 1 other roommate)
$5990 single (for those who prefer their privacy)

Similarities Between the Two Options

No matter which way you go, you’ll receive maximum value at Blue Osa for your time and money. Both of our immersion yoga teacher trainings offer comprehensive curriculum that will prepare you to be a high-quality, devoted teacher and/or practitioner. The momentum you’ll experience by jumping in with both feet is unparalleled, and very valuable for your yogic journey.

Yogi Aaron Immersion Yoga Teacher Training

Yogi Aaron will guide you on a one-of-a-kind pilgrimage of spirituality and knowledge so you will leave fully steeped in healthy habits, a rock-solid practice, and confidence to teach your students safely and ethically. Join us for one of our upcoming immersion yoga teacher trainings– we can’t wait to start you on your path to your calling!

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