Water Is Life

Water Is Life At Blue Osa

Here at Blue Osa, we are lucky enough to live and work in paradise. We love our beautiful environment and want to protect and preserve it for everyone to enjoy!

Everything on Earth requires water for survival – water is life.

But few people comprehend that we have a limited supply of water and that it is not an infinite resource.

In fact, water scarcity is a recognized global problem with 97% of the water in the world salt water, around 2.1% in polar ice caps, meaning less than 1% is available as fresh water for human consumption!

Due to the scarcity of water and the difficulty in collecting it, we are extremely conscious of our water usage at Blue Osa.

The water at Blue Osa comes from three wells and while this water has been tested and is safe to drink, we still suggest that our guests drink the filtered water we provide in the dining area.




We also have a rain catchment system to take advantage of those lovely tropical downpours, collecting the water into our tanks.

Water is precious and a very important area of conservation, in line with this we ask our guests to be mindful of their water consumption while visiting Blue Osa.




For example, when taking showers we ask that our guests take two-minute showers, as a huge amount of water is used during showers.

It is estimated that each minute of a standard shower equates to 2.5 gallons of water. This means just by reducing the length of your shower by a few minutes you will literally save GALLONS of water!


showers flowchart


We also ask guests to consider reusing their towels for a few days to reduce the water and energy usage required to wash them.

Our kitchen staff hand wash all the dishes rather than using a dishwasher which also reduces water consumption.


Cucumber Water


Instead of dumping our dirty water into the ocean, our wastewater goes into a bio-digester where it is broken down, composted and used on the gardens. This is a great way to recycle the water as well as keep the ocean clean.


Watering garden


Let’s join together and make preserving this precious resource a priority, at Blue Osa and in your home.

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