Explaining Ayurveda

Explaining Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient healing science that has been practiced for over 5,00 years. It has its roots in the Indian subcontinent and was considered to be a form of divine instruction with knowledge passed … Read More

Home Made Avocado Facial Mask Recipes


A facial mask is an amazing way to create the space need for the body to relax, and an Avocado mask is an excellent way to nourish our depleted skin. Avocados are high in sterolins, … Read More

How Reiki Changed My Life

How Reiki Changed My Life Costa Rica

By Laura Castro When I was taking my massage course back in 1998, I was initially introduced to yoga, Reiki and various meditation techniques. I realized that after each Reiki session, I felt calmer, my … Read More

How To Look (And Feel!) Great Without Makeup

How To Look And Feel Great Without Makeup

By Jenée You’re coming to the tropics determined to embrace all that is natural and pure, right down to your beauty regimen. You’ll feel wonderful without makeup as nobody wants to slather on products in … Read More

Massage Guide For The Spa Challenged

Massage Guide For The Spa Challenged

By Jenée It wasn’t long ago that you’d request a massage at a hotel and the only follow-up question would be, “What time?” But today’s extensive massage menus can be as intimidating as a fancy … Read More