The Journey of a Lifetime

David Corder Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Join David Corder for an adventure of a lifetime! David will be leading the retreat at Blue Osa that takes place during the first week in June – A journey to the outside for a … Read More

Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

alyson simms yoga teacher costa rica

Some of us reach a challenging point in our life where we do not know where to turn. Some of us turn to a vice, while others turn to religion. Others, like Kyla and Alyson, … Read More

5 Ways To Become a Great Retreat Leader


Retreats provide yoga teachers an opportunity to dive deeper into the heart of yoga and its practices with their students. And, yoga retreats give teachers an opportunity to step up and become leaders. Now entering … Read More

Getting Personal With Elise Joan Bliss

Getting personal with elise joan bliss yoga teacher

At Blue Osa, we are really fortunate to welcome Yogis and retreat leaders from all over, and I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing several by Skype before they arrive. Many interviews turn into conversations, and … Read More

The Best Yoga Studio In Costa Rica

The benefits of meditation

With the Blue Osa yoga studio, we’ve created a space where transformation happens naturally. A space that’s rightfully the centerpiece of our eco-resort – and the best yoga studio in Costa Rica. Its open-air design … Read More