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Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments that can affect people of all ages. Many things can lead to back pain, such as repetitive heavy lifting, poor posture, a recent injury, or even a sudden awkward movement. While… Read More

How to Select Your Style of Yoga


Yoga has reached such heights of popularity, that most people you meet ask “What style of yoga do you practice?”. At Blue Osa, we welcome all kinds of yoga retreats and enjoy the variety that this brings to Costa Rica…. Read More

How to Become a Yoga Instructor

If you find you are really passionate about yoga and wish to show others just how much yoga can benefit and transform their lives, then you may have considered becoming a yoga instructor yourself. Although a career as a yoga… Read More

Types of Yoga: How to Choose the Yoga Type for You

find out if you are ready for yoga teacher training

“So, what type of yoga do you practice?” If you’re a yoga lover, you’ve likely heard this question before. There’s only one problem… Questioning the style of yoga someone practices is a lot like asking: “What’s your job?” or “Where… Read More

A Brief History Of Yoga + Everything You Need To Know

The scientific benefits of meditation

Widely practiced for its health and relaxation benefits, yoga has been around for thousands of years. Originating in India, Yoga combines physical, mental, and spiritual practices that allow an individual to develop or retain health, happiness, sense of self-awareness, and… Read More