How Much Should We Give To the Homeless

How much should we give to the homeless people

by Yogi Aaron Last summer I traveled through Spain on a glorious holiday catching up with old friends, luxuriating in winery hotels, and getting some much-needed relaxation. And then one day in Barcelona, I had … Read More

5 Ways To Become a Great Retreat Leader


Retreats provide yoga teachers an opportunity to dive deeper into the heart of yoga and its practices with their students. And, yoga retreats give teachers an opportunity to step up and become leaders. Now entering … Read More

What Kind of Students Do You Want?

what kind of students do you want to have

By Yogi Aaron I have been blessed with a successful yoga career. Some of my students have followed me–not only over a long period of time–but all over the world as well. The success of … Read More

What Did I Learn From Breaking My Leg

What Did I Learn From Breaking My Leg

by Yogi Aaron What I Learned From Breaking My Leg The power of surrender and letting go… This story begins in Tapovan on the morning of September 8, 2007… It actually begins many years earlier, … Read More

Yoga Opens the Door to Freedom

yoga practice opens the door to your freedom

Yoga can ultimately have the potential to set itself apart from mainstream spiritual organizations by virtue of the fact that we address the wild, untamed, ‘dirty’ and unmentionable parts of our own humanity. In order … Read More