A Blue Osa Dream Destination Wedding

11 Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding In Costa Rica

The backdrop is from a glossy magazine photo. Everywhere. Your front yard is a wild beach that changes daily. You are surrounded with fertile ground for whatever you need.

You are at your destination wedding in Costa Rica.

You have arrived a few days early to start the landing process. You can settle into the rhythm of Costa Rica, adopting the Pura Vida expression.

Here are 11 Reason to have a destination wedding in Costa Rica:

1) Cost:
You can spend a week pampering, enjoying and crafting a wedding in Costa Rica for the same amount as a one-night blowout. A destination wedding in Costa Rica is not only cheaper, but you get more bang for your buck.

11 reasons for a destination wedding in costa rica

2) Intimacy:

A manageable party of 10-30 of your closest friends and family members vacationing and enjoying life together.

11 reasons to have a gay destination wedding in Costa Rica

11 reasons destination wedding in costa rica

3) Honeymoon:

You can transition seamlessly from your destination wedding in Costa Rica into your honeymoon. Take a road trip around the country, or extend your stay.

Destination wedding and honeymoon

4) Adventure:

Kayak through mangroves or the tranquil waves of the Gulfo Dulce. Ride horses along the beach. Hike through primary rainforest. Sip on fresh coconut juice.

11 reasons a gay destination wedding in Costa Rica

5) Pampering:

Book spa services for you and your guests; settle into relaxation. A destination wedding in Costa Rica is all about bliss.

Blue Osa Luxury Spa - relaxBlue Osa Luxury Spa - foot soak

6) Experience:

Taste local cuisine with a cooking class. Visit the Osa Conservationist and participate in a sea turtle expedition. Learn about chocolate on a tour through cacao fields…and more importantly, develop your chocolate palate.

7) Time:

One week to land, a full day for your wedding, and one week to enjoy post marriage bliss. Surrender the rushing, the hustle, and enjoy a beautifully crafted menu of activities, spa services and lots of relaxation.

Destination wedding in costa rica

8) Bonding:

Internet is available, but not ubiquitous. Lounge chairs and conversation replace televisions. Coming to a scenic, tropical place feels best when you dive into the local environment. As a pair, you can explore the terrain, connect by the pool, walk the beach and spend long siestas lounging under palm fronds – paradise is in a bonding dream.

Destination wedding in costa rica for gay men

9) Food:

A plethora of local fruits to accompany your morning cup of Costa Rican coffee. Fresh avocados in your guacamole for a mid-day snack, and a vibrant, healthy stream of farm-to-table cuisine. More and more resorts are adopting an eco-friendly, home-grown approach to feeding guests. Join the movement; your belly will thank you.

Costa Rica Yoga Cuisine Farm-to-table Costa Rica Yoga Cuisine Farm-to-table Blue Osa

11 reasons destination wedding in costa ricaPhoto by A Brit and A Blonde

10) Memories:

Make memories through meaningful connections, and leave with a richness to your life. Ask for less gifts, less clutter, and less stress; offer your friends a chance to bond, enjoy and relax.

11 reasons to have a destination wedding in costa rica

11) Yoga:

A few special classes tailored to your needs. Stressed? Do a chill class. New to yoga? Ask for beginner friendly. Fitness-based and fast moving? Seek out some power flow. It’s great time to check in with how you feel, and pick a practice that helps you soften into paradise.

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat and Spa Blue Osa Beach ResortPhoto by Maria Hillier

About the Author

Christopher Grohs is currently volunteering at Blue Osa, a yoga retreat in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. He has a strong desire to roll on the floor like a playful kitten and share in the weirdness of human movement potential, often floating around on his hands. He loves bodywork, swimming with contact dancers and crafting morning routines. In 2014, Christopher rekindled his love of yoga with training in the “BowSpring” template of alignment with their tagline: less mechanical, more animal. Meow.

He has an on-and-off affair with the East Coast, attending Northeastern University in Boston and spending most of his twenties in Raleigh, North Carolina. At the end of 2014, he ran away from his home—he free-listed his belongings and ventured into the wandering yogi lifestyle.