Yoga Quiz: Are You Ready For Yoga Teacher Training?



You hit the mat every day. You sweat it out. You can’t wait to get back to the studio for your next class. You’ve considered signing up for a teacher training program. But something is still holding you back.

Well, it’s time to put all the excuses aside and face the facts. Take this yoga quiz and see if you are ready for yoga teacher training!

Yoga Quiz: Are You Ready For Yoga Teacher Training?


1. How many times per day do you mention yoga to your friends?

a) Maybe once, if something cool happened in class that day.
b) 2-3 times, but only because most of my friends do yoga.
c) I don’t talk about anything else.

Are you ready for a yoga teacher training? Find out with this fun yoga quiz!

2. Your friends invite you out for a movie followed by drinks, you say:

a) I’ll be there.
b) I hate to miss yoga, but I’ll make an exception this time.
c) Sorry, not today, I can’t miss my evening Vinyasa flow class, it’s the best!

3. How many items in your closet are LuLuLemon?

a) What’s a LuLuLemon?
b) A few items. Their stuff is o.k., but my closet isn’t full of it.
c) I live LuLuLemon. Seriously!

4. What do you consider a normal way to end a conversation?

a) Talk to you later.
b) See you at yoga practice.
c) Namaste.

5. You have been known to spontaneously give your friends and family an impromptu yoga class?

a) Never.
b) Of course, I do that all the time.

6. How do you feel about handstands?

a) I don’t understand all this upside-down business.
b) I try every so often to do a handstand, but I still can’t get it quite figured out.
c) I spend most of my day upside-down. What, that’s not normal?

Are you ready for a yoga teacher training? Find out with this fun yoga quiz!

7. Your friend tells you that you should get a lotus flower tattoo, your response is:

a) Are you kidding?
b) I’ll think about it.
c) Great idea! That will go with the Om symbol I’ve been thinking of getting.

8. If asked, “What is the Sanskrit term for Mountain Pose?” your response would be:

a) There’s another name for it?
b) Ta-snosh-en-fa-sa-sana. Or something like that.
c) Tadasana, duh.

Are you ready for a yoga teacher training? Find out with this fun yoga quiz!

9. Yes or no: you follow famous yogis on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook?

a) No
b) Yes

10. Your subscription to Yoga Journal arrives in the mail, the first thing you do is:

a) Glance at the cover and toss it with the other magazines you’ll get around to reading someday.
b) Set it on your coffee table, you’ll read the interesting articles tomorrow with your morning coffee.
c) Stop everything and read it cover to cover right away. You’ve been waiting all month for this.

11. True or False: you have used the word, “chaturanga,” more than once in a normal conversation during the past week.

a) False – although I may have said chimichanga more than once.
b) True – but only because I was explaining an awesome yoga sequence to a stranger at the coffee shop.

12. Your yoga mat is:

a) Somewhere in my car. Actually, I haven’t seen it in a couple weeks, I hope it’s still there.
b) Where I always keep it, safe and sound.
c) On my back right now, I really can’t imagine being away from it for more than a minute.

So – Are you ready for a yoga teacher training? Check your yoga quiz score below to find out!


1. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3

2. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3

3. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3

4. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3

5. a = 1, b = 3

6. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3

7. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3

8. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3

9. a = 1, b = 3

10. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3

11. a = 1, b = 3

12. a = 1, b = 2, c = 3

12 – 18 Points = You Yoga to a Different Drummer

It seems like maybe your yoga-lingo isn’t quite up to speed, or maybe you like steer clear of the newest yoga trends. You don’t buy in to all the fashion fads or hop on the hippest mat-mania, but you still enjoy having yoga in your life. Maybe you are brand new and just starting to explore this wild and wondrous world that yoga has to offer. Or perhaps, you just don’t want yoga to be the only thing you think and talk about.

Whatever is the case the idea has bubbled up! And now you want to see what a yoga teacher training could do for your practice? Take a moment to look at that, and ask yourself, “Why?”

There are tons of programs out there, take a look around and see what you find. Retain your cool, calm, and collected sense individuality with you when you go. Step into the unknown with confidence and an open mind, and you will find the program that is perfect for your unique style.

The good news is, you don’t have to fit into a certain mold these days to become a yoga instructor. Actually, one of the best things about the big-boom expansion that the yoga world is experiencing right now is that you don’t have to be a LuLuLemon-wearing, Sanskrit-slinging, tattoo-toting yogi to make a splash on the scene. So, if you are feeling drawn to exploring yoga teacher training, then listen to yourself and be ready to take a leap of faith when the opportunity presents itself. You may surprise yourself by being more prepared to become a yoga teacher than you give yourself credit for. Remember, it is never too soon to sign up for a yoga teacher training and step deeper into your practice.

20 – 28 Points = The Yogi Force is Strong with You

You are passionate about yoga. You love what it adds to your life and you are established in your practice. You feel that it adds balance, health, and clarity in your life. Yoga teacher training is not only a good option for you, but it is also a great way for you to deepen your practice while trying out something fun and new.

You may feel stuck in a rut with your current yoga practice. Recently, while you lay in shavasana you’ve found yourself wondering what else there is to this whole “yoga thing.” You want to explore the world of yoga further. You know that there is more out there, but you’re not sure where to turn.

This is the perfect time for you to start looking at yoga teacher training programs. Start by talking to people at your studio, ask your teachers, and look online. Envision your perfect yoga teacher training, what does it entail? Where is it located? How is it structured? Then start searching for it. You are ready to be a yoga teacher, now you just have to find the program that is ready for you!

28 – 36 Points = Natural Born Yogi

You were born to be a yoga teacher and you don’t need this quiz to tell you that. You can’t imagine your life without yoga. You live, breathe, sleep and eat just to be able to hit your mat again. Your infatuation and enthusiasm for yoga is a full-blown love affair, and you are head-over-heels for this topsy-turvy tradition. Your friends have even told you that you were probably a yogi in a past life. The real question is, why aren’t you a yoga teacher yet?
You already knew before you took the quiz that you are ready for a yoga teacher training. But something is holding you back. What is it? What is standing in your way? This is not the time for you to think, “Should I take a yoga teacher training?” Instead, ask yourself why you are still talking yourself out of it. Now is the time, this is your destiny! Get out there and do it. Um, are you still reading this? Seriously, go sign up for your yoga teacher training now. No, like right now!

If you know you’re ready for the next step, learn more about the Blue Osa Yoga Teacher Training program here.

How did you score on the quiz? Are you ready for a yoga teacher training? Share your results below!

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