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Become A Better Yoga Retreat Leader: What Is Your Message?

TIPS on how to be a better yoga retreat leader and to share your unique brilliance with the world.

Become a Better Yoga Retreat Leader - What Is Your Message?

I have been leading yoga retreats since 2002, and every one of my retreats has always drawn many people.

For me, the single most important element in my marketing efforts is that I convey the correct message of what the retreat will be about and the value the student will receive.

Become A Better Yoga Retreat Leader – What Is Your Message?

Clearly conveying your intention and the value will:

1. Attract the right people to your retreat.

Not every yoga student is suited for every yoga teacher, and not every teacher wants to teach every yoga student.

We yoga retreat leaders could take a few cues from the Himalayan masters who throw pebbles at prospective seekers.

Your stated intention for your retreat will attract the people that need to be at your retreat.

But furthermore, there are students who are looking for you. They want you and what you offer. You need to let them know who you are.

2. Begin to set an intention and tone for your retreat.

As soon as you state your intention and objectives, for the months leading up to your yoga retreat, a tone will be set.

Your classes, your talks, your instructions will begin to prepare you and your students for the retreat.

Your focus and attention will begin to prepare and hold the space needed for the retreat.


3. Begin the retreat process the moment your students read about the retreat.

Once your students have read the information and made the financial commitment to be at your retreat, their retreat process will have begun.

Knowing that they are coming to your retreat, the student’s actions thoughts and deeds will begin to move into alignment.

They might start meditating more, go to more yoga classes, drink more water, pray more, and contemplate more to prepare for their upcoming week with you.

Recently, two students who came to my retreat consciously began their retreat process one month before. They both exercised and both drank more water. The both practiced what was for them, their “detox”. The result for them was losing weight and coming to the retreat with clear intention.

Your intention and message create a tone.

Your efforts create an impact.

Clearly stating the intention for your retreat in your information package/page will create value for your students and answer the question, why they should choose to come to your retreat.

Don’t take it for granted that just because you are a yoga retreat leader that people naturally want to spend their hard earned money traveling with you.

Begin to convey the intention of your message in everything you do. Spend some time getting clear and once you have done this, shout it out as loud as you can. Then, you will really see the people come and show up.

Do you want to become a better yoga retreat leader? Which of these tips will help the most to become a better yoga retreat leader? Email us and let us know what you think.


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