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The Evils of Marketing Yourself As a Yoga Teacher


Marketing is such an evil word. Social media, email campaigns, network marketing – you name it. The word itself conjures up negativity, and generally the act of marketing is not applied for the better good. Most campaigns try to make… Read More

Save the Sea Turtles on Your Next Yoga Retreat

The Sea Turtles head to the ocean in Costa Rica

Yoga Teachers: Have you planned your next yoga retreat? The travel industry is currently worth more than 1.9 trillion dollars.* Yes, that was TRILLION! The travel industry has no sign of weakening as wanderlust gains popularity. Instagram is full of… Read More

5 Ways To Become a Great Retreat Leader


Retreats provide yoga teachers an opportunity to dive deeper into the heart of yoga and its practices with their students. And, yoga retreats give teachers an opportunity to step up and become leaders. Now entering our 6th year, we at… Read More

Do your students want to travel with you?

Do your students want to travel with you?

By Yogi Aaron So you are thinking about having a yoga retreat at Blue Osa. Or, like me, you are thinking about taking a group of your students to the Himalayas. That is fantastic! BUT!!! Have you even asked any… Read More

What Kind of Students Do You Want?

what kind of students do you want to have

By Yogi Aaron I have been blessed with a successful yoga career. Some of my students have followed me–not only over a long period of time–but all over the world as well. The success of a yoga teacher is dependent… Read More

How We Made Our Yoga Retreat Successful

Spring Yoga Retreat

by Valentina Rose Many people have asked me how we made our yoga retreat successful. The Blue Dream Yoga Retreat originated in February of 2014 during a Skype conversation with my yoga colleague Ewa. She said, “Sounds crazy, let’s do… Read More

Why Retreat Leaders Fail to Sell Out Yoga Retreats


For the past 12 years, I have been leading international yoga retreats and filling them with yoga participants. Four years ago I initiated a retreat exclusively to teach yoga teachers how to host and market their yoga retreats. And now,… Read More