Travel the world

Find yourself in the most fascinating places on the planet. Get to unforgettable locations that promise to change your world view.

Introducing Blue Osa Journeys: A Departure From Ordinary Travel.
We’ve created Blue Osa Journeys especially for those who crave extraordinary travel experiences, from the sights you see to the foods you eat.

Get off the beaten path.

the valley of flowers blue osa journey to india There’s nothing more satisfying than discovering someplace new, particularly the “finds” Blue Osa Journeys brings you–destinations you’ve dreamed of, whether you’ve heard of them or not. Like Salamanca, where you’ll practice yoga in a 13th century chapel. Or Valley of the Flowers in India, considered the 8th wonder of the world. And we’re just getting started; each new adventure will be a total departure from your everyday life.

When you travel the world with Blue Osa Journeys, you’ll meet interesting people from all over the world–a diverse group of traveling companions and gracious hosts along the way. Each journey presents a perfect opportunity to deepen your appreciation for the unique beauty in another culture and to cultivate friendships that last a lifetime. Building and celebrating community is a cornerstone of life at Blue Osa, and it’s a value that’s central to Blue Osa Journeys as well.

journey home to your humanity in india

Satisfy your appetite for fun.

Blue Osa Journeys makes an adventure of trying new cuisines, just as we do in our Costa Rica home. We think enjoying great food and drink is essential to nourishing yourself–body, mind and spirit–so seeking out the most tantalizing flavors from around the globe is a passion we look forward to sharing with you. Travel the world – expand your comfort zone.

We unearth the world’s truly original lodgings–places where you’ll feel comfortable and cared for, while appealing to your sense of adventure. Our accommodations have been curated with care to ensure the same attention to detail you’ll find at our beautiful Costa Rica retreat.