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How to Become Raw and Naked With Nature

how to be raw and naked in nature

Have you ever just been raw and naked in nature? Yes I mean, literally naked? To experience the rawness of life around you? So many of us never really consider the wonder of nature or life. Most of us are… Read More

Karma Yoga: What Is It & How To Practice

There’s More to Yoga than Down Dog… We live in a fast-paced, globalized world.  With this, ancient practices have become watered-down and modernized to suit our outward-looking lives.  For many, yoga has simply become another way to better inhabit our… Read More

Mantra: What It Means & How They Work

Woman sitting in a meditative position holding mala beads in her hand.

The word mantra comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language dating back almost four millennia. Today, Sanskrit is used only as a liturgical language in Hinduism and some prominent texts of Buddhism and Jainism. Difference Between a Mantra and an Affirmation… Read More

How to Become a Yoga Instructor

If you find you are really passionate about yoga and wish to show others just how much yoga can benefit and transform their lives, then you may have considered becoming a yoga instructor yourself. Although a career as a yoga… Read More