Finding Your Meditation Seat

Group Meditation

A common misconception exists that in order to meditate you need to sit perfectly in full lotus position. This could not be further from the truth! The most important thing when setting up for meditation … Read More

Meditation Interview With Infinity Yoga

Meditation Infinity Yoga Becky

Becky Nickerson, owner and teacher at Infinity Yoga shared with us her secrets to success for meditating and why it is so important. What advice would you give to someone beginning their meditation practice? There … Read More

The Best Places To Meditate At Blue Osa

Set amongst lush rainforest on the pristine beachfront of the Osa Peninsula there is no shortage of places to recharge and re-connect through meditation at Blue Osa, and the soundtrack of crashing waves and chirping … Read More

Top Tips For Better Meditation

Top Tips For Better Meditation

Want To Meditate To Your Fullest Potential? Here Are Our Top Tips For Better Meditation 1. Prepare Your Body A key to meditation that is often not talked about is the preparation of your body … Read More

5 Simple Meditation Techniques To Try


There are many different meditation techniques and although the aim remains the same – being fully present and bringing the mind to stillness – the various styles offer different vehicles to get there. The technique … Read More

Why You Need To Be Meditating

why you need to be meditating

There are endless benefits of meditation mentally, emotionally and physically, and it is a practice that goes well beyond the mat improving our general well-being and life. Here are some of the most notable benefits … Read More

Meditate like a Monk!

Here’s How You Can Start To Meditate Like A Monk Yoga and meditation were simply meant to be. Together they sit comfortably shoulder to shoulder in the pantheon of great double acts, legendary names like … Read More