experience being naked right now

6 Spiritual Reasons Why You Need To Get Naked Right Now

Being naked is probably the last thing to come to mind when you think of coming back to Self.

To smash the status quo, sure.

To liberate yourself, most definitely! But for some people, being naked in public is the stuff nightmares are made of. And if that’s you, that’s OK – I’m not here to tell you to get nude in public spaces although that desire may come naturally once you’re done reading this.

There are significant benefits of being naked that are virtually impossible to ignore. Especially as you progress in your spiritual development or once you delve deeper into your self-confidence and self-esteem. When you begin to realize the power and purpose in your body as a vessel, all bets are off concerning how quickly you’ll be ready to strip.

But I’ll get to that in a minute. First, where does the absurdity of being naked come from?

The story of Adam and Eve tells us they were both naked and free until they ate the apple in the Garden of Eden. Then they were embarrassed by their nudity, and both scrambled to find anything to cover their bodies.

The same goes for the rest of humanity.

We are naked, proud, and free until we hit a certain age, and society deems it inappropriate to be without clothes. Not only are we taught to start wearing clothes – which in all honesty isn’t that big of a deal, but we are propagandized into believing that if we aren’t wearing clothes, then we should be ashamed of ourselves and our bodies.

Well, stories repeat themselves.

Here are 6 spiritual reasons why you need to get naked right now.

spend time in nature

Unlearn the shame.

As humans, our opinions are flexible. And when it comes to our attitudes and responses? Well, they are even more malleable. Our unconscious thoughts and beliefs are never our own, and we rarely, if ever, question their origins.

Embarrassment and shame are socially conditioned responses and a very unnatural one at that. As with any condition in life, this particular shame surrounding nudity can fall apart quickly if we stop reinforcing it and remove all repercussions when nudity is exercised.

So, what are your beliefs around nakedness? Did you put them there? And how does that particular belief enhance your human experience, or liberate your burdens?

Does it support and nourish your full expression, or are you playing it safe with borrowed ideas from society?

I’ll give you a moment to process that.

In some ways, we grow up believing that we are, in fact, our genital parts. That if they are exposed, the very best parts of us are exposed too.

And it’s common for people to feel offended and embarrassed when they see a naked body as if it were their body that was exposed.

Covering up and carrying shame in this way infers that we aren’t allowed to show our true selves. As if who we truly are, is not accepted.

Your naked body is not accepted unless you’re doing what?

do you experience shame when you see yourself naked

The only time and place being naked is widely accepted is when we are in a consensual sexual environment. To have sex, you must bare all. But any other time, it’s considered the taboo of all taboos.

And this is a big problem.

If the only time we have the pleasure of seeing the human form guilt-free is when we are sexually charged and intimate, of course, you can expect a hysterical commotion when a body part is exposed outside of its usual accepted place.

As a society, we have over-fetishized the human body, in particular the female body. As if it should only exist to serve a sexual purpose and to satisfy the needs of our male counterparts. Bearing in mind these expectations exist like an undercurrent in our society and is ingrained in the minds of the unconscious.

And what does that ingrained belief look like in action?

When women’s bodies exist in their full expression, outside of these false sexual expectations, it is never received well. Moreso, the most basic reaction comes in the form of body shaming, breastfeed shaming, slut-shaming, sexual shaming, and many other kinds.

It all comes down to shame.

When we shame others, what we’re doing is trying to control them and their behaviors, so that what they do is in line with our beliefs.

When we try to teach others a lesson we think they should learn, and in this case, being comfortable in our nakedness is wrong, we instill in them that they are ‘flawed and therefore unworthy of acceptance and belonging.’ ~ Brene Brown.

And of course, there are repercussions for those women who ‘don’t learn their lesson.’

And so, I say that to say this;

Our instinct of survival has evolved into an acute understanding that being naked in today’s world is a big problem. It’s a great way to get yourself arrested, assaulted, exiled, and killed in some cultures.

So while I write this article, and wholeheartedly disagree with the reality associated with being naked. I’m also not exactly in favor of a naked world. I, for many reasons, do not mind a world where people wear clothes.

getting naked


However, these social conventions and the shame that surrounds our naked bodies must be unlearned. Not only can we change our lives this way, but we’ll also collectively work towards removing false narratives.

You know, the ones that are effectively destroying our self-esteem, our confidence, and the ability to open up—ultimately severing our connection to ourselves.

We can work to remove these ideas and replace them with beliefs that empower and liberate us. And we can do that by simply being naked a little more often.

Whether you roam the streets naked in protest, sunbathe nude on a private beach, or practice nudity in the comfort of your own home, it doesn’t matter.

What truly matters is that you decide your view of your body and how you use it.

With that being said, let’s get to it!

Why You Should Get Naked More Often.

Now, I’m not saying be naked for naked’s sake. Although if that’s to your liking, good on you!

Here are six spiritual benefits of being naked that you probably didn’t know!

Get comfortable with you.

When you take off your clothes, there will always be that trigger, ‘Oh, do I look alright? And if we think not, there isn’t much we can do to change it.

But when we wear clothes, we can easily manipulate our image until we decide we are happy with it. However, that doesn’t change how we honestly feel about ourselves. It only ensures others see us how we want to be perceived. The many layers of covering up, our makeup, clothes, attitudes, and identities all serve to validate ideas, much less to celebrate our real selves.

I always say releasing clothes is like releasing a burden! And don’t we all feel a bit free once we get home and strip down to our bare skin?

It doesn’t matter what our bodies look like for us to be comfortable in it. It is merely a practice that transforms our psyche. And it gets easier the more we do it. Even if that’s staying undressed a bit longer before or after taking a shower, getting naked more often will get you comfortable in your body, guaranteed.

Our bodies are our first homes, and it would serve us well if we learned to appreciate it.

Disliking or not being comfortable with our bodies can also be an oversimplification of a more significant issue.

Reconnect with your Self.

6 spiritual reasons why You Need To Get Naked

In essence, our bodies (besides being a vessel and a physical home for our transient souls) are expressions of our consciousness.

When our consciousness is in a state of alignment, congruent with our purpose, or the spiritual and material aspect of the self, it will reflect positively in the way we experience ourselves.

But when we aren’t in alignment, our consciousness will reflect confusion, layers of distortion, and imbalances. One of the many ways this manifests negatively is in our bodies and the way we view ourselves. When we hate our bodies, it’s because we aren’t in alignment.

Being face-to-face with our nakedness can be a tool for rebalancing and reconnecting to our Self and our purpose. Aligning everything in this way can look like acceptance and love for what is—nothing more and nothing less.

Being naked is about undoing all the beliefs that have stemmed from social conditioning.

Receive communication from earth.

Our bodies are energetic systems with open communication channels and various active points of energy flow – coming in and going out. We are always exchanging energy with the earth.

But when we wear clothes and mainly wear synthetic materials all day long, we conceal these openings and are blocked from receiving energy.

What was once designed to protect and keep us safe is now creating distortion and disconnection beyond measure. Our clothes work as literal polluters and attenuators of our rightful energy exchange.

This energy exchange is a natural process to recharge and reprogram ourselves with the energetic field on the earth. The more we are connected, the better we feel.

Nature’s wisdom is profound, and when we don’t keep our communication channels open to receive, we are drained, exhausted, and disconnected. By wearing synthetic clothes, limiting our skin’s exposure to the natural elements, we effectively block ourselves from this communication channel.

Getting naked is grounding and healing.

Everything I’ve said above is grounding 101. And nakedness aside, it should be the cornerstone of our healthy energy habits whether it’s hugging trees or walking barefoot on the ground. But something truly magical happens when our entire bodies are in touch with the natural elements.

We equalize our energy field and harmonize it with that of the earth. Meaning we are more centered, stable, attuned to subtleties, and connected to our wisest self.

It is also the ultimate aid for releasing karmic bonds. Energetically, anger, resentment, and anything else harbored from our past gather in our lower chakras and the sexual regions. Being physically open and in contact with nature is one way to facilitate its release.

Grounding is energy medicine, and it’s electrifying and rejuvenating in so many ways.

Being naked, or at the very least, making direct skin-to-nature contact, is not just a profoundly nourishing and spiritual practice. There is tons of scientific credibility regarding the benefits of being naked, for our health and wellbeing.

Get closer to understanding soul attraction.

I want to preface this section by saying, I am not in favor of desexualizing the human body. Our naked bodies are beautiful, majestic, and sensual. But the vulgarity related to nudity reveals what emerges from the mind, and in no way reflects the reality of the object.

All of our ideas are projections of the mind.

And more, we limit our thinking when we equate being naked with our sexual nature.

get naked in nature

Being comfortable in your skin, and being comfortable seeing others in theirs can help calm our irrational excitement, aka lust over those we find attractive.

This is so important because the body is not why we have sex. Our bodies are vessels. When we are just physically attracted to someone, and we take action to fulfill our lust, then this movement is one of unconsciousness. One that only satisfies our primal urges.

Learning to conquer your senses is not an act to numb yourself completely to the human body’s pleasures. Instead, it’s an act of self-actualization and self-mastery. When we can move away from primal urges which have the potential to harm, then we get close to soul connection and soul consciousness.

Discover your truth.

how to be raw and naked in nature

We live in a society full of empty rhetoric. Words like ‘Naked’ and ‘nudity’ are easily manipulated and presented with such fallacy. It would be wise to liberate ourselves from adopting these ideas and learn to form our truths around our bodies.

Getting naked is more than stripping off our clothes. It’s about getting quiet and being radically honest with ourselves. To realize who we are in life, we have to be naked and exposed. What that means for you is not the same as another. That’s the whole point. Getting to know yourself better by turning inward and discovering you, the authentic, real, and unlabelled you.

And lastly, the health benefits.

6 spiritual reasons why You Need To Get Naked

While this aspect wasn’t the focus of my point in this article, it is worth mentioning the myriad of health benefits of being naked. Here’s three.

  1. You’ll get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping naked will increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep as our bodies are prone to sleep well in cold conditions. And what’s great about this is that when we sleep well, our stress levels decrease, which in turn promotes more fat burn.
  2. You’ll get brighter, healthier-looking skin. By wearing fewer clothes, you’ll allow your skin to breathe, which will support its natural ability to detox. Plus, tight underwear can be a breeding ground for bacteria and infections. So going commando will allow you to get some much-needed air.
  3. Increased fertility. A study revealed “men who wore boxer shorts during the day and nothing to bed had significantly lower levels of damaged DNA in their sperm compared to those who wore tight underpants during the day and at night.” So for better semen quality and less DNA damage wearing loose underwear or nothing at all is the way to go.

In conclusion…

There you have it!  6 spiritual reasons why you need to get naked right now.

Most of these benefits, with the exception of ‘Receive communication from earth’ will happen overtime. That’s because it’ll require you to consciously make a small change bit by bit. And in time, it’ll transform your consciousness.

If the benefits of being naked are sounding good I implore you to give it a go. Try it in the comfort of your home or in the safest space you know. Shoot us an email and let us know what you think!

In case you didn’t know, Blue Osa’s co-founder and Master Yoga Teacher Yogi Aaron is all about the naked-life. Read his bookAutobiography Of A Naked Yogi

Autobiography of a naked yogi

About The Author

Fai Fetwi has been exploring the depth of her being for most of her life. First, as an artist, then a teacher, and now a writer. She is intuitively and creatively directing an experience that allows her to be in her full expression, always.

Fai also works closely with others to help actualize their vision aesthetically and beautifully. She is the founder of Wildfai Creative, an agency specializing in web design, writing, and virtual assistance for conscious soulpreneurs.

You can usually find her in the middle of the jungle in an exotic location, self-reflecting, writing, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee.

You can read her reflections on being human at www.wildfai.com.

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