Yoga Is The Universal Language

I call the universe as my home and my yoga matt as my temple. As I love to travel and see the world, so far I have visited in 55 different countries. I have met great people from all over the world, have enjoyed nice chats and conversations but what I have realized, is that the real connection I have made with other yogis. Despite the culture, home country, age, sex or professional background, us yogis always just tend to connect.

On my travels, I have been privileged to practice yoga with various different teachers, with different styles and energies.

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I have practiced yoga with Chinese, Korean, British, Australian, Balinese, American, Mexican, Italian, Indian, British, French, Canadian, South-African, Belgian and Sri Lankan teachers. All have been very different in styles, energies, approach and no to mention the language. However, what I find fascinating is the universal yogic feeling of belongingness even if we do not have the same language we share the inner light that within me is greeting the inner light within you. Read more opinions on Yoga as a universal language

Most yoga teachers study Sanskrit at least the names of the asanas, which makes yoga universally understood despite the predominant language. When entering a class anywhere in the world, the poses will be the same and the communication in the best case will be in Sanskrit.


Inspired By Yoga

I personally believe, that if everyone would practice yoga, there would be no wars. As we yogis share the code of conduct of Yamas and Niyamas which guide our practice on and off the matt. I signed up for yoga teacher training to learn more about yoga and to deepen my practice, I never thought I would start teaching. Until my yoga teacher from Spain asked me when I would start teaching as she loved my energy and would like to come to my classes. So I figured, I should share my inner light and my yogini energy with others and to meet and spark up their inner light. So I started teaching. I taught in China Shanghai, which was actually the first time after spending more than one year in China, that I actually felt a connection with the Chinese people, after a yoga class. … the yogic state of mind again.

I have taught classes in Finland felt the same connection and now I here at Blue Osa I have been teaching, where my classes have been mostly with North American Yogis and I have felt the same connection and greeting of inner lights.

As yoga is the state of mind when one feels tranquility towards all objects and situation. Finding that inner light and the inner peace leads to world peace. And that sensation is why I teach yoga. I want to share my joy and faith and the feeling of inner peace with other people, and though yoga brings light, love, power, gratitude and mindfulness into every day.


Yoga Connects

Thanks to yoga, I am on this amazing journey and path to discover myself through myself and to discover life. On my yogic path, I have come to realize how yoga is the universal language. Despite any background differences we can still share discussions over asana practice, over mind-blowing meditation, energy work and reiki experiences. There is no judgement, no questions, just loving kindness and appreciation. Why can we not have this respect for every person across the globe? I think it is because it requires yogic awakening and that is why I keep teaching, sharing my inner light.

On my three month journey through America, I have shared a room with an American family, with a lady from Bermuda and with a half Swiss/Iranian lady. I have invited a German lady to share a hotel room with me, not to forget that I have shared my bed with an American Jew. I have enjoyed wonderful dinner discussions with Lithuanian, Armenian, Israeli, Ukrainian, gay and lesbian yogis, all in peace.

I have learned that age is only a number. I have shared an amazing connection of the soul with yogis that could be my parents or grandparents if we’d judge people only by age. I have discovered, that Yoga brings people together. Lets just all yoga.


Blue Osa Welcomes All To The Sacred Sanctuary

Blue Osa, owed by the Naked Yogi Aaron together with his business partner Adam, welcomes all guests all over the world. Blue Osa is gay-friendly place but not only a gay place. And what comes to the location of Blue Osa, this is a great place to live in harmony and practice The Yamas of Ahimsa, nonviolence, as Costa Rica is a country with no military. The neutrality of Costa Rica as a nation makes it preferred traveling country for many nationalities and easy to access. The Tico lifestyle of Pura Vida: Live well and enjoy, provides and unique energetic liberated atmospehere where we let all flowers bloom as they are, holding no judgement.

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When we live Yoga, we leave our egos on the side and it is easier to see the other person, their soul and their inner light. We start to see how we are all the same. We start to realize ourselves, but also our mind gets calmer and we can find the happiness within ourselves. When we live yoga we are present within ourselves, with the ease of a breath. The same universal air that we all share. With yoga we feel confident, worthy and whole. Helping us to accept not only ourselves as we are, but accept other as they are and accept that everything is perfect as it is.

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Yoga brings people together. Sharing and caring through fire ritual.

There is an old saying that all roads lead to Rome but I think all roads lead to Blue Osa. There is just some magnificent energy here, that brings and connects people from all over the world, the Pura Yoga Vida. Read more about the roads that have led people to Blue Osa.

And if one would show a picture of a person with lotus hands in namaskarasana, I am quite convinced across the world, this image would be elated with prayer peace and gratitude. Set an example yourself, speak the universal language of yoga, express gratitude and peace in your everyday life and let your inner light reflect to the people around you.

Find your Pura Yoga Vida at Blue Osa and find the universal connection not only with yourself but with people from all over the world and embrace yoga as the universal language to make a difference.