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Here’s Why You Should Try Yoga for Weight Loss

The journey of yoga traces back as far as 5,000 years ago, discovered in sacred texts known as “Rig Veda.” This collection of hymns and mantras were used by the Vedic-age priests in practice. While it was more closely related to spirituality and religion in its earlier stages, yoga has transformed into an activity that people of all walks of life can enjoy.

Yoga is now more popular than ever, with an estimated 300 million people doing yoga around the world. But what are the core benefits of practicing regularly?

  • Getting in touch with your spirituality. Because of yoga’s roots, the practice is still associated with the feeling of a spiritual awakening.
  • Having a relaxation outlet. Traditional yoga is a great outlet for stress relief and mitigating anxiety. Focusing solely on your practice can clear the mind, aiding to improved mental health.
  • Improving your flexibility and balance. Yoga poses force the body to bend and get into positions that would otherwise be uncomfortable. After time, your flexibility increases and these poses become easier and more satisfying.
  • Increasing your strength. Flexibility isn’t the only thing gained with yoga. Yoga focuses mainly on your core, but also offers an opportunity to strengthen your legs and gain more muscle tone in your arms.
  • Losing weight. Since yoga strengthens your muscles, you can ultimately burn calories as well.

Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Many people don’t usually associate yoga with weight loss based on their idea of what it looks like to lose weight. The picture of a gym stocked full of heavy weights and intimidating machines usually comes to mind when someone mentions working out to lose weight. But practicing yoga is a great option for physical activity that can help you lose weight and curb weight gain, as explained by certified instructor Carol Krucoff.

“When we think of strengthening muscles, we think we have to go to the weight room and pump iron,” Carol shared with lifestyle blog Everyday Health. “In yoga, we’re using our own body weight as a form of resistance. Your whole body is working to keep you in balance so everything gets a workout.”

Here’s How You Can Lose Weight With Yoga

Is yoga good for weight loss? Yes, but not just because it can help you burn calories and sculpt your body. There are many indirect benefits that can influence you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Here’s how yoga can make you lose weight:

Burn Calories, Burn Fat

A yoga session is known to burn between 180 and 460 calories, but it depends on the type of yoga you’re doing, how much effort you’re putting forth, and the length and intensity of your yoga session. Any type of physical activity forces your body to burn calories – so when you perform yoga regularly, you may notice a difference in your weight and the shape of your body.

Manage Stress and Eat with Purpose

Stress often encourages us to find an outlet to ease our anxious feelings. For many, that means eating comfort foods and sugary snacks for an ounce of dopamine. Turning to a more positive outlet for stress, such as yoga, can bring you back to a place of peace. This, in turn, can make it easier to lessen cravings and avoid snack attacks that lead to weight gain.

Be More Mindful in the Way You Fuel the Body

We associate yoga with mindfulness because it’s an opportunity to focus on your breathing and make the mind-body connection. With more consciousness about the way you feel, you may be inclined to make healthier choices that will maintain these feelings. Yoga can help you find peace of mind that reminds you how valuable your body is, and you really are what you eat.

Immerse yourself in the Blue Osa Yoga Experience

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